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Huckabee: Tucson, Iowa, and Healthcare

How can I lump all three of these subjects together you ask?  Because in a 24 hour news cycle that never sleeps it is almost inevitable that newsworthy topics pile up on top of each other.

The very little input I am going to give on the Tucson, Arizona, shooting tragedy is this:  the left’s reaction was sickening and the right’s reaction to the left didn’t really leave a good taste in my mouth either.  This is about human life and the ugliness of this world and not politics.  I thought Governor Huckabee had a great response to the whole issue and also to Pres. Obama’s address in his daily radio show The Huckabee Report.

First of all, congratulations to President Obama for what was easily the best speech of his presidency. He struck the exact proper tone in noting that while this does give us an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of being civil in our disagreements that it is wrong to assign blame for the personal violent actions of a mad man to other people’s political speech.

Whether out of bias or a quest for controversy or maybe just out of habit some members of the chattering classes went chasing blindly after an angle that would stir the most heated responses and they lost sight of the real story and that is the worst possible failure for a journalist. Even now after the president spelled it out for them many are still making the same mistake and missing the point about the president’s appearance at the memorial.

It is not about politics, whether it is going to raise his approval ratings or boost his reelection chances, and it certainly isn’t about sleazy opportunists who leapt to blame a senseless tragedy on the political speech of whatever side they disagreed with. No, it was about 20 people in Tucson…. I can’t believe that some people have to be continually reminded of this but some things really are bigger than politics and this is one of them. And all Americans should be grateful to our president for saying it beautifully.

In the week following what happened in Arizona two different polls were released showing Mike Huckabee with solid support for a potential second run for the White House in the First in the Nation caucus state of Iowa.  We all know that Huckabee loves Iowa and it is apparent that the Hawkeye state still supports him as a presidential candidate.  Good news for someone who is still undecided about another presidential campaign and may need a little push.

And lastly, Huckabee remains one of the outspoken voices to repeal the Healthcare Act known as Obamacare.  He just wrote a piece yesterday entitled “The Healthcare Act – Return to Sender” and it starts out like this:

We were told—and sold– everything except the truth about the details in the healthcare act. And then, despite a majority of Americans rejecting this massive change in public policy, Congress enacted it anyway. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work in our representative democracy.

He is also one of the main faces promoting the “Repeal the Healthcare Act Now” campaign with a video ad for  Signatures on the petition for Congress to repeal Obamacare are now over 500,000.


Huckabee News: Israel, Radio Show, and Changes at Huck PAC

Governor Mike Huckabee recently returned home from his twelfth trip to Israel where he got to meet with various foreign leaders.  I dare say that Israel has no greater American friend than Huckabee.

His ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report has surpassed 500 affiliates and was the fastest growing radio show of the past decade.

Citadel Media announced today that The Huckabee Report, the short form news and commentary feature hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee, has reached more than 500 affiliates making it the fastest growing radio program of the past decade.

The most recent news is a changeover of Executive Directors of Huck PAC.  Sarah Huckabee is taking on a new opportunity and she is being replaced by someone with major inroads in the South Carolina GOP.  Hmmmmmm………..

Huckabee Defeats Obama in Latest Poll!

The latest Public Policy Polling shows for the first time in any poll a Republican challenger defeating President Obama in 2012 and that GOPer is Governor Mike Huckabee, and the win is aided largely by his lead with Independents.  When questioning the authenticity of this poll please remember that this is a Democratic pollster and they are the ones who accurately predicted the Massachusetts race and Scott Brown’s win.

What will Huckabee do in 2012?  His Fox News show continues to be the weekend sensation that is consistently blowing away the competition and The Huckabee Report heard on ABC Radio is gaining affiliates everyday.

Will he be the next Paul Harvey or will he be the person to unseat The One?  I would rather he choose the latter.

Huckabee’s Challenge: What Did I Say that Wasn’t True?

Last Week on his ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report the Governor called out Democrats for politicizing Senator Ted Kennedy’s death by using it to push the health care bill through and he also pointed out that the Senator was a “shining example” of why the bill was a bad idea.  This statement outraged the left even though Huckabee honored the Senator’s fight for life and thought that all people should have the same opportunity that Kennedy had to treat his illness (which they wouldn’t have under ObamaCare).

Huckabee came back at his critics on his own Fox News show this past weekend and challenged George Stephanopoulos, Time magazine, The Huffington Post and scores of liberal bloggers to actually listen to his radio commentary on the subject and then watch President Obama’s own comments about end of life care.  Huckabee then challenges them to find something he said that wasn’t true.

 Do you think any of them will take him up on his challenge?

By the way, Mike Huckabee has been anything but disrespectful to Senator Kennedy.

Huckabee’s Thoughts on ObamaCare Keep Him in the Spotlight

It is hard to believe but Fox News actually mentioned this past weekend the Washington Post-ABC News Poll for choice of Republican nominee in 2012 that Huckabee topped by five points.  Maybe when his success is so much in your face they have to address it since he is employed there and has the number one cable news show on the weekends.

In the latest Fox News Dynamics Poll Mike Huckabee is once again at the top in a statistical tie.  This is great news with so much time before the 2012 campaign kicks off which leaves him plenty of air time on both his TV show and his ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report to state his platform and gain more loyal supporters.

The opening comments he had on his Fox News show Huckabee about the Obama health care proposal and its plan to limit doctor’s pay struck a nerve with America.  I haven’t heard too many other 2012 Republican prospects speak out like this against ObamaCare but perhaps that is because RomneyCare in Massachusetts is the blueprint that the President is following.

I want my doctor to make good money. I want him or her to be the smartest kid in his class, not the average. I want my doctor to enjoy being a doctor, and don’t want the doctor coming into the operating room worrying about paying the rent, but thinking of how to keep me healthy enough so I can pay my own rent. If we keep talking about limiting doctor salaries, we might get people who really aren’t that good, but they were willing to do the job at a discount.

I don’t care if Oprah made $275 million last year or if Kobe Bryant brought down $45 million. But if a member of my family has a brain tumor, I don’t want Oprah or Kobe doing the operation. I want the best neurosurgeon I can find, and I won’t be looking for the low bidder or seeing if there is a coupon in the paper for 10% off the cost. I want someone who has worked real hard to know what he’s doing and does it well. And if he’s really, really good at it, he’ll still only make about a penny for each dollar that Oprah makes.

If one of the results of the government fixing health care is to encourage the smart people to do what Oprah does and the dumb people to become doctors, then thanks, but no thanks. I need a good doctor a lot more than I need Oprah. And I want my doctor to make a lot of money.

Read Huckabee’s complete remarks here.

Huckabee: Saving Towns, Conservatism, and Paul Harvey’s Time Slots

Mike Huckabee completed his first stop on his “Save This Town” tour in which he visits five different cities hit hard by the economic downturn.  On Saturday he was in Elkhart, Indiana, taping his FOX News show Huckabee talking with the citizens on how they are trying to save their town.

Elkhart has the highest jobless rate at 19% and it is where President Obama first announced his Stimulus Package.  It is known as the RV capital of the world and Huckabee taped his show at the RV Hall of Fame, which had to be moved outside due to overwhelming response.

Not only is Indiana important because of its economic crises, but it is also significant on the electoral map.  Indiana, usually a red state, turned blue for Obama this past election cycle.  Huckabee gave the people of Elkhart  some conservative solutions for the failing economy, which were met with enthusiastic cheers.  The first one was to abolish the IRS and enact the Fair Tax and the second one was……

Instead of printing more money and creating hyper-inflation do something simple: Suspend the payroll tax of every business and self-employed person in the country for three months. That’s cash in the hands of the people who can best turn the economy around; the people who provide jobs and really stimulate the economy. Freeze the staffing and salaries of Congress and federal agencies to feel what American businesses are feeling.

Not only has Huckabee been dealing out his ideas for stimulating the economy but he has also been voicing his advice for saving conservatism.  He recently wrote his debut article for The Washington Times’ series “Reinventing Conservatism” where he calls for Republicans to practice what they preach and return to conservative principles.

Lastly, Huckabee’s audience for his ideas and solutions has just gotten a whole lot bigger.  ABC Radio’s The Huckabee Report, which is a five minute commentary three times a day, will now be carried by the stations that aired Paul Harvey.

When is the next book coming out?

Huckabee’s Brilliant Business

Mike Huckbee’s show on FOX News continues to gain steam.  It wiped out all competitors again and he had another brilliant closing monologue about how our leaders need to quite digging us into a hole.

 “The first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to quit digging.”

America seems to be in a hole both economically and morally. But it doesn’t help when our leaders keep digging.

With every announcement by the government that it’s going to fix the economy, the economy gets worse.

It sounds very simple to say that rich people are the ones who will have to pay more taxes and that it will only affect the top one percent of wage earners. Truth is, it really won’t affect them all that much.

They won’t like it, but there won’t likely be big lifestyle adjustments for that top one percent. The effect will likely be felt more by the remaining 99 percent.

Hitting a small business owner who grosses over $250,000 a year……

Read the rest of his closing thoughts here.

Also, his two-month-old ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report has been added a third daily broadcast.  The show started with forty-five affiliates but is now carried by over one hundred.  Tune in here to listen to  Huckabee’s short daily commentary. 

Some criticize Huckabee for his “show business” approach, but they do not realize the brilliant strategy behind it.

Huckabee’s Current Successes

Since ending his presidential campaign in March of 2008, Mike Huckabee has not slowed down too much.  In April he launched Huck PAC, which is dedicated to finding and supporting conservative candidates seeking all levels of office.  Following that, he launched the Vertical Politics Institute which will become a think tank for promoting conservative issues.

Next, he began to venture into the media in order to discuss the issues.  At the end of September his TV show Huckabee debuted on FOX News and has been one of the highest ranking new shows on that network.  In October the show reached #1 status with 2,316,000 viewers for one episode.  In November, his book Do the Right Thing hit the shelves while Huckabee went on a fifty-six city book tour.  The book is currently in its sixth week in the top ten of the New York Times Best Seller List.  He has started 2009 off by launching his new radio show The Huckabee Report on the ABC Radio Network.  Time will tell if this avenue will also be as successful as his others.

Huckabee’s National Volunteer Team (and launch of The Huckabee Report)

At the beginning of the new year, Governor Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC have launched a National Volunteer Team.  He is expanded the grassroots work in his PAC and is locating members in every county in every state to assist the endorsed candidates.  Huckabee knows that there is a lot at stake in future elections for the GOP.

Our country needs conservative leadership now more than ever. Important issues are at stake: tax reform, controlling spending, the 2nd Amendment, sanctity of life, traditional marriage and much more.

Huck Pac’s goal for the team when it launched on the first of the year was to identify 500 volunteers by January 15th, but reached a staggering 828 volunteers in just four hours.  As of now, the volunteer count is well over 1,200 with all states represented.  The strongest showings are in the states of Texas, Georgia, and Florida.  The states will be broken up into regions and a coordinator will be contacting volunteers.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting and ground breaking opportunity to further the conservative cause, fill out the volunteer information here.  You can also help out by spreading the word to others and also by joining Huck PAC’s facebook group.

I also would like to remind you of the debut of The Huckabee Report today.  It is his twice a day radio commentary on the ABC Radio Network.  Listen to it on your local ABC station, get it on demand, or download the show from the web.  You can also join The Huckabee Report facebook page.

For all information on Mike Huckabee, go to his website or join his facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

Get Some New Huck Stuff

For those of you itching for some new Huckabee bumper stickers, a member of Huck’s Army is working on designing new ones.  (By the way, the old “Huckabee for President” ones do not have a date on them, so they can still be used *wink, wink*.)  Here are the designs and I will give an update on how to get them when they are finished.


There are also some cool appearal items at this website that can be ordered.  You will also receive a “Huck” bumper sticker if you become a member of  Huckabee’s new Vertical Politics Institute.