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Governor Huckabee Wins Big in Values Voter Summit 2012 Straw Poll

Governor Mike Huckabee and many other conservatives spoke at the Values Voter Summit sponsored by Family Research Council Action in Washington DC over the weekend.  His critics have claimed that Huckabee may be losing his base support among values voters and Christian conservatives due to new faces, such as Governor Sarah Palin, but the straw poll conducted during the event demonstrates otherwise. 

Governor Huckabee won the straw poll for choice of 2012 Republican nominee with 29% of the vote and more than doubled the second place finisher, Mitt Romney.  He also got more votes that his two biggest competitors, Romney and Palin, combined.

Here is the breakdown of the voting:

Mike Huckabee 170 votes – 28.5%
Mitt Romney 74 votes – 12.4%
Tim Pawlenty 73 votes – 12.2%
Sarah Palin 72 votes – 12.1%
Mike Pence 71 votes – 11.9%
Newt Gingrich 40 votes – 6.7%
Bobby Jindal 28 votes – 4.7%
Rick Santorum 15 votes – 2.5%
Ron Paul 13 votes – 2.2%
Undecided 31 votes – 5.2%
Other 10 votes – 1.7%

This graph shows the breakdown of the percentages.

To watch Governor Huckabee’s speech at the VVS please go here.


Huckabee: Don’t Apologize for America, Thank God for It

This past weekend on Governor Huckabee’s Fox News show he gave a stunning opening monologue in which he responded to President Obama’s speech in Cairo.  It was respectful but yet very powerful in opposition to what the President said.

This was the week of President Obama’s excellent adventure to the Middle East and his long and long-awaited speech on Islam delivered in Cairo.

In the spirit of being “fair and balanced,” there were some commendable things in the speech, such as the bold appeal to Muslim leaders to open up education and personal opportunities to women.

But there were some stunning attitudes and policies revealed……

Read the rest of the monologue here.

Mike Huckabee’s Speech at CPAC 2009