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Governor Huckabee Endorses Marco Rubio for US Senate

Huckabee has just announced his endorsement of principled conservative Marco Rubio of Florida for US Senate.  The Republican establishment has already backed Mr. Rubio’s primary challenger, Governor Charlie Crist (RINO), and it is time to show the GOP that we stand for principles first and party second.  Here is what Huckabee said in a recent Huck PAC newsletter.

We knew when we started Huck PAC that our task would not be easy. Huck PAC isn’t going to find much support fr om the so-called “establishment” because more often than not the candidates we support will likely be the underdogs. That’s okay with me and I hope you feel the same way. If standing on principles means supporting the underdog, then count me in.

Thank you Governor Huckabee for bucking the establishment who does not listen to “we the people.”

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