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Mike Huckabee Book Tour Begins February 27 in Iowa

He just doesn’t slow down.  Mike Huckabee has just returned from an extended trip to Israel which was his 15th visit there (read this Politico article about some of it) and starting on February 27 he will embark on a twelve state, forty city tour to promote his new policy book A Simple Government.  He will kick-off that tour in the First in the Nation caucus state of Iowa and will also visit other key primary states.

The entire schedule of the book tour can be found here and you can RSVP for any of these stops and you will be sent up-to-date information on that event.  If you can’t attend one of these events you can order an autographed copy of A Simple Government or puchase the book at many other retailers.

Huckabee had this to say about his new book in an email to supporters:

Just when I think the Obama Administration can’t possibly pile on more debt, more job-killing regulations, and more intrusions into our private lives, they surprise me. So I decided to sum up why I disagree with them about spending, taxes, health care, immigration, terrorism… and just about every other issue.

And while I was pondering our current problems, I kept thinking about the Founding Fathers. They understood that the best government is a simple government. They wrote the entire Constitution in about 20 pages of plain English. Compare that to the Obamacare bill alone — more than 2,000 pages of gobbledygook!

Don’t get me wrong — I know that problems like unemployment and national security are complex. But the principles that can solve them are simple: personal liberty, accountability, standing up to bullies, putting local government ahead of Washington, and putting the family ahead of everything.

In short, A SIMPLE GOVERNMENT is about the twelve things we really need from Washington — and a trillion that we don’t.

Governor Huckabee has stated that he will decide if he is going to run for President again by the end of this summer but it looks like the early primary states are already getting a taste of some ninety degree weather.


Mike Huckabee’s Next Book Tour shows Iowa and South Carolina the Love

Will he or won’t he?  That will most likely be the question until the end of this summer.  Will Mike Huckabee make a second run for the White House?  He has adamantly said time and time again that he will not make this decision until later in the year and lately he has been giving a time-table and his reasons for waiting, which I believe is a positive sign that he is going to run.  With now three different polls in Iowa showing that he still is the favorite and his base is still in tact, national polls like this that show him as the clear leader for the nomination, and just yesterday a poll that shows him with promise in a state that should never be a Huckabee state, why wouldn’t he run?

I know supporters are freaking out about his could-be late entry into the presidential race but I am not one of them.  The critics to his method point out Fred Thompson’s failure, but what they need to realize is that Thompson’s strategy did not fail but he failed as a candidate.  Huckabee has the grassroots foundation in the early caucus and primary states, a national platform on Fox News and ABC Radio until he does declare, and charisma to steal the show once he does enter.

Governor Huckabee will also be staying front and center in the news until this summer even without declaring a candidacy for POTUS.  He is scheduled to leave on a two-week trip to Israel the end of January and then will be hosting a week-long Alaskan cruise in June.  In between those two events he is fitting in a mega tour for his new policy book due out on February 22 called A Simple Government:  Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don’t!) And this just isn’t any other book tour as it will be spreading the love to two early caucus/primary states…Iowa and South Carolina.  There are 40 stops on this tour with over a quarter of them being in these two states alone:  six destinations in Iowa and five in South Carolina.  And with the media just chomping at the bit for the presidential race to start but the heavy hitters in the GOP dragging their feet to enter, this event should get quite a bit of attention.

Hang on.  This should be quite a ride if you are a Huckabee supporter.  Is it summer yet?

Huckabee News: Israel, Radio Show, and Changes at Huck PAC

Governor Mike Huckabee recently returned home from his twelfth trip to Israel where he got to meet with various foreign leaders.  I dare say that Israel has no greater American friend than Huckabee.

His ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report has surpassed 500 affiliates and was the fastest growing radio show of the past decade.

Citadel Media announced today that The Huckabee Report, the short form news and commentary feature hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee, has reached more than 500 affiliates making it the fastest growing radio program of the past decade.

The most recent news is a changeover of Executive Directors of Huck PAC.  Sarah Huckabee is taking on a new opportunity and she is being replaced by someone with major inroads in the South Carolina GOP.  Hmmmmmm………..

Tour Israel with Mike Huckabee

Governor Mike Huckabee will be returning to Israel for the twelfth time in February and he is inviting Americans to come along.  This was included in the email that he sent to supporters:

This February I am headed back again my wife Janet, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel and Congressman Bob McEwen and anyone interested in seeing the Holy Land. This will be one of the most unique trips I have ever put together as it will not only include the biblical points of interests, but it also will provide a unique insight on the political and governmental aspects of the State of Israel, including an international town hall with government officials from Israel.

Please visit here if you are interested in attending Huckabee’s inclusive tour and town hall in Israel.  Space is limited.

Governor Huckabee’s Update from Israel

Setting the record straight on facebook and his blog:

Another Update from Israel

by Mike Huckabee

Don’t minimize the idea that some in the left wing of the press are capable of completely making something up. Some of the headlines from my visit to israel have screamed “Huckabee bashes America in Israel.”. That is not just inaccurate–it is a purposed lie. I have extolled the virtues of the USA at every stop and in every comment, but have stated a position that I have stated for many years–during both republican and democratic administrations–that jerusalem should be a united city. I have not bashed America! I haven’t even bashed Obama’s anti-Israel and promise breaking policy and I have certainly had the opportunity. I have expressed my view consistently wherever I am and don’t say different things depending on who I am talking to.

Huckabee Taking a Stand Against Obama in Israel

After the taping of his Fox News show on Saturday Governor Mike Huckabee left on his eleventh trip to Israel.  One of his first stops on his visit was a reception at the Shepherd’s Hotel in east Jerusalem and this stop will be part of a larger tour around the country that is going to highlight opposition to recent US policies, in particular President Obama’s demands that Israel halt construction on settlements in east Jerusalem.  Organizers of this trip said that Huckabee was currently the No. 1 Republican consideration for the 2012 presidential race, and “one of the best friends Israel has in America.”  Before and after the event at the hotel there were protests from left-wing activists which drew a strong response from the rightists who were there supporting Govenor Huckabee’s visit and message.

During his tour today Huckabee also had this to say in regards to the Obama administration’s choice to dictate who can live where in Jerusalem and compared it to racial segregation.

“My question is how would the government of the United States feel if Prime Minister Netanyahu began to dictate which people could live in the Bronx, which ones could live in Manhattan, and which could live in Queens,’” he said. Huckabee spoke with reporters as he toured the remains of the ancient Jewish City of David (Ir David) in eastern Jerusalem Monday.

Governor Huckabee finished up his day in Israel today with a blog post highlighting his attendance at the hotel reception and the media frenzy around it.  He will be updating often on his blog, facebook, and twitter.  In addition, there has also been word that a twelfth trip to Israel is being planned by Huckabee and he is inviting people to come along.