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Huckabee: Tucson, Iowa, and Healthcare

How can I lump all three of these subjects together you ask?  Because in a 24 hour news cycle that never sleeps it is almost inevitable that newsworthy topics pile up on top of each other.

The very little input I am going to give on the Tucson, Arizona, shooting tragedy is this:  the left’s reaction was sickening and the right’s reaction to the left didn’t really leave a good taste in my mouth either.  This is about human life and the ugliness of this world and not politics.  I thought Governor Huckabee had a great response to the whole issue and also to Pres. Obama’s address in his daily radio show The Huckabee Report.

First of all, congratulations to President Obama for what was easily the best speech of his presidency. He struck the exact proper tone in noting that while this does give us an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of being civil in our disagreements that it is wrong to assign blame for the personal violent actions of a mad man to other people’s political speech.

Whether out of bias or a quest for controversy or maybe just out of habit some members of the chattering classes went chasing blindly after an angle that would stir the most heated responses and they lost sight of the real story and that is the worst possible failure for a journalist. Even now after the president spelled it out for them many are still making the same mistake and missing the point about the president’s appearance at the memorial.

It is not about politics, whether it is going to raise his approval ratings or boost his reelection chances, and it certainly isn’t about sleazy opportunists who leapt to blame a senseless tragedy on the political speech of whatever side they disagreed with. No, it was about 20 people in Tucson…. I can’t believe that some people have to be continually reminded of this but some things really are bigger than politics and this is one of them. And all Americans should be grateful to our president for saying it beautifully.

In the week following what happened in Arizona two different polls were released showing Mike Huckabee with solid support for a potential second run for the White House in the First in the Nation caucus state of Iowa.  We all know that Huckabee loves Iowa and it is apparent that the Hawkeye state still supports him as a presidential candidate.  Good news for someone who is still undecided about another presidential campaign and may need a little push.

And lastly, Huckabee remains one of the outspoken voices to repeal the Healthcare Act known as Obamacare.  He just wrote a piece yesterday entitled “The Healthcare Act – Return to Sender” and it starts out like this:

We were told—and sold– everything except the truth about the details in the healthcare act. And then, despite a majority of Americans rejecting this massive change in public policy, Congress enacted it anyway. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work in our representative democracy.

He is also one of the main faces promoting the “Repeal the Healthcare Act Now” campaign with a video ad for  Signatures on the petition for Congress to repeal Obamacare are now over 500,000.


Mike Huckabee’s PAC Huge Election Day Victories and Defeating Pres. Obama in the Polls

Huck PAC may not throw around the most money and Governor Huckabee looks at principles and not polls before endorsing candidates then usually endorses early (when it matters the most) and travels state to state for candidates while his grassroots volunteers, Team Huck, make phone calls and knock on doors.  Because of this and many other efforts Huck PAC had one of the most successful midterms out of all the major PACs with a 75% success rate.

Here is Huck PAC’s recap:


Governor Huckabee and Huck PAC Release Statement About the Election Results

Little Rock, AR – Governor Mike Huckabee said, “On November 2nd Americans overwhelmingly spoke with one voice, sending a message to Washington that we will not be ignored. The demise of the Republican Party predicted two years ago was obviously unfounded. But now is the time for all the new officeholders to hold true to their promises and bring about the type of change they promised and their constituents desire. Huck PAC will continue to support Republicans at all levels of government, and will continue fighting for conservative causes until we take back the Senate and ultimately the White House. We’ll continue to grow Team Huck membership in all 50 states, adding to the thousands of volunteers that helped make yesterday’s victories a reality.”

This election cycle Huck PAC endorsed 126 candidates at all levels of government: Governorships, US Senate, US House, State Senate and House seats – all the way down to County Clerk. Huck PAC candidates were victorious in 94 races, came up short in 25 and 7 are still too close to call.

Governor Huckabee said, “Endorsements don’t win races, candidates do. And Huck PAC tries to help candidates on the basis of their principles, not their press or polling favorability. We often purposely pick underdogs who are clearly behind, but clearly great and principled candidates – because I know what it’s like to be written off by the elite punditry class without regard to issues. Huck PAC wants all of its candidates to win, but we are proud of each one we’ve endorsed and would do it again.”

Hogan Gidley, Executive Director Huck PAC added, “Governor Huckabee was active in many races, headlining rallies and fundraising events for candidates across the county, recording robo-calls, GOTV messages, not to mention radio and television ads. Much of what the Governor did for candidates flew under the DC press radar, but the candidates who received the help sure appreciated it. In fact, towards the end of the election, Governor Huckabee traveled to about 10 states a week working for our endorsed candidates.

We’d like to truly thank our national grassroots organization, Team Huck, who made thousands of phone calls for candidates, knocked on countless doors and helped mobilize votes nationwide. Our loyal national network of volunteers who are hardworking and committed – ever fighting for what and who they believe in. Our volunteers are the best in the country.”

To view the winning candidates and where they are please see the map that Huck PAC has supplied.

Also, fresh off of his midterm victories Mike Huckabee has defeated Pres. Obama by 8 points in a CNN poll and also was the favorite for the Republican nomination.

Life is good.

Take the Huck PAC Pledge to Vote Conservative

Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC are locating 500,000 people who will vote for conservatives on November 2.  Please take the pledge and pass it on.  Enthusiastic voters are signing up every second at

Here is a great video on why we need to elect conservatives and that is exactly what Huck PAC is assisting with across the nation.

Mike Huckabee’s PAC Invades Iowa

It has been just a week since the Georgia primary run-off for governor in which Nathan Deal emerged with a victory of less than 2,500 votes after entering the race trailing by double digits to his opponent Karen Handel.  Deal was the clear conservative in this race and Huckabee made a late endorsement of  his campaign five days before the run-off against the endorsements of Handel by Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.  Huckabee made a visit to Georgia on behalf of Deal three days before the election and Palin was there for Handel the day after.  Huckabee also cut robocalls and ads for Deal, but perhaps the biggest factor of the outcome of the election is that Team Huck volunteers from around the country make 3,000 phone calls for Deal before the run-off with 1,000 of those calls going straight into Handel territory where Deal ended up winning by 750 votes.

This is not an unusual situation for Huck PAC and its committed volunteers.  This sort of commitment to endorsed candidates has happened in numerous elections; it just happened under the radar.  Huck PAC’s Executive Director, Hogan Gidley, said it best in a Real Clear politics interview, which is the first major media outlet to actually catch on to the strength of Governor Huckabee’s unconventional PAC which relies more on the people than the pocketbook:

“We do a lot of the things that fly under the D.C. radar like robocalls, get-out-the-vote messages, e-blasts, and things like that,” Gidley said. “And while they’re not something that excites members on the press, the people on the ground who receive the votes and the benefits of the governor’s trust do appreciate it.”

Because Mike Huckabee’s PAC does not raise the money that the other PAC’s do, such as Romney’s, Palin’s, or Tim Pawlenty’s, the media writes it off.  What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is how Huck PAC spends this money compared to the others and how many people are actually donating.  For example, after a conference call with Huck PAC I learned that even though Palin has raised three times as much as Huckabee since January 1, 2009, she only got it with 24,000 donations compared to his 29,000 donations.  What’s the big deal?  Huckabee’s following his greater but they just don’t give nearly as much.  Also, Huck PAC does what a PAC is supposed to and actually gives money to endorsed candidates.  This past filing period it gave a third of its money to the candidates while Romney’s and Palin’s PACs usually hover in the single digit or teen percentages.

Mike Huckabee’s PAC also does something no other major PAC does and that is endorse candidates at the state and local level, which was demonstrated in Iowa yesterday.  We all know that change starts from the bottom up and that is where Huck PAC is making a huge impact.  There were eleven new candidates endorsed yesterday in Iowa and only three of them were for the Federal level and over half of them were not incumbents.  Of those non-incumbents only one of them is going after an open seat (and that was previously held by a Democrat) and the other five are going after the Democrat incumbent, sometimes very entrenched ones and some who are also being funded by Republicans.  These are not easy races which proves that Mike Huckabee is not just going after the winner or the party favorite, but those candidates who hold true to the principles of his PAC.

Huck PAC will support Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government, and individual liberty.

Even though Governor Huckabee has won recent 2012  polling both in Iowa and nationally, his efforts are focused on 2010 and electing conservatives nationwide and especially in my great state of Iowa.

Here is a list of the newest Iowa Huck PAC endorsed candidates and their websites.  I hope to follow-up with a post on each of them before election day.

Steve King (U.S. Congress 5th District)
Tom Latham (U.S. Congress 4th District)
Dwayne Alons (Iowa House 4th District)
Chris Hagenow (Iowa House 59th District)
Jason Schultz (Iowa House 55th District)

Kent Sorenson (running for Iowa Senate 37th District)
Kim Pearson (running for Iowa House 42nd District)
Tom Shaw (running for Iowa House 8th District)
Jane Hodoly (running for Iowa House 93rd District)
Brenna Findley (running for Iowa Attorney General)
Brad Zaun (running for U.S. Congress 3rd District)

Mike Huckabee Shaking Up Races and the Polls

It has been stated before that Governor Huckabee has made some impressive endorsements this election cycle when it comes to supporting the candidates of conviction and not of convenience.

From a Huck PAC post:

Two such examples are U.S. Senate candidates Marco Rubio from Florida and Chuck DeVore from California. I chose to endorse them not because I thought they were the candidates most capable of winning but because they were the truly conservative candidates we need in office.

Like all Huck PAC endorsed candidates, Marco and Chuck are strong conservatives: pro-life, traditional marriage supporters, advocates for balanced budgets and reducing the size of a federal government. I was proud to stand with Marco Rubio when he was down by 25 points to his opponent. Now – Marco’s enormous popularity and massive lead in the polls actually forced his primary opponent – a sitting Republican Governor – to leave the Republican Party and try to run as an Independent.

Chuck might have a meteoric rise like Marco – only God knows the future – but I decided to support Chuck and Marco win or lose, because they are consistent conservatives who know what they believe and why they believe it.

Of course Washington has a different view. The pundits and some within the Republican Party think it’s a smarter strategy for my political future to go the other way and instead, endorse everyone that the establishment endorses. First of all, Huck PAC is not about my political future – it is about the future of our country. Second of all, I know I’m not the smartest kid on the block, but it seems like that predictable strategy of supporting establishment candidates is precisely what put our Party on the losing end of the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Huckabee has also had some impressive polling numbers recently.  He leads other potential 2012 candidates with favorabilities across the board, especially in the Independent voting block, and he has also topped the poll once again as being the strongest against Obama along with being the favorite for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Mike Huckabee Jumping in Hotly Contested Primaries

Governor Huckabee created some waves last year when he was one of the first to endorse Marco Rubio in the Florida GOP Senate primary over the establishment pick, Charlie Crist.  Since then Rubio has taken off and has sent Crist packing to another party. 

Huckabee has just recently done the same with his endorsements of Chuck DeVore of California and Marlin Stutzman of Indiana for U.S. Senate.  Both of these conservative men are taking on big money and name recognition establishment candidates and Huckabee has stepped into the fight to help tear down politics as usual.

Governor Huckabee wrote a blog on RedState about his endorsements:

I realize that I am preaching to the choir on Redstate when I say we need: Chuck DeVore, Marco Rubio and Marlin Stutzman in the US Senate. We do.

We need three firm votes in the Senate AGAINST bailouts, Obamacare and the many tax increases that our coming our way to pay for both. We need strong defenders of the 2nd amendment, life, traditional marriage and wait for it…REAL BORDER SECURITY!

In Marco, Chuck and Marlin we have candidates with strong and proven conservative principles. On a day when a candidate with no principles is about to switch to “No Party Affiliation” it’s nice to celebrate and support three conservative candidates who know what they believe – and why they believe it.

Mike Huckabee’s Border Security Petition

In light of what Arizona has had to do because of the colossal failure of the Federal Government to enforce the laws and protect our borders I believe that this petition is needed and why I signed it.

Mr. President, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, I ask that you immediately fulfill past promises made by the federal government. Enforce the existing laws on the books. Secure our borders now.

If you do not take immediate steps to secure our border and implement and enforce existing laws, I will vote for and support politicians who can get the job done.

Make Your Mark

Sign The Petition

Give to Huck PAC if you Actually Want to Give to Candidates

The PACs of Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Tim Pawlenty have all made their quarterly filing (Romney’s is monthly).  It appears that even though Huck PAC brings in the least money they are the ones who know how to get people involved in the process with grassroots support and it appears they are the only PAC that really knows why they exist which is to help candidates get elected

Please notice the percentage of Huck PAC’s money that actually goes to candidates and also notice that they know how to make the most difference with this money because they invest it in non-federal candidates.  In others words, elect conservatives from the bottom up.

I would have to say that the biggest loser here is Sarah PAC.  Why the heck even have a PAC?  Window dressing.

This is the summary from RightOSphere (please click link to get detailed chart):

Romney’s FnSA-PAC brought in more money than all the others combined. Huck-PAC brought in the least. In a turnaround from last year, Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC pulled in 25% more that Sarah-PAC.

Only Sarah-PAC operated in the red this quarter.

In the race for grassroots support, Huck-PAC had the biggest percentage of their contributions coming from $200 and below. However in terms of sheer numbers, FnSA-PAC had more than all the other three combined in that category. FF-PAC had the least, both as percentage and as real dollars. It would appear that Pawlenty just isn’t catching on at the grassroots level yet.

Huck-PAC can stand with their head held high when it comes to percentage Contributions going out. They gave away by far the biggest percentage to others. FnSA-PAC gave the most in sheer numbers, but percentage-wise, they came in third. Only Sarah-PAC gave a smaller percentage than they. Sarah-PAC gave the least amount both in dollars and a percentage of all the PACs.

Huck-PAC also gave far more away to non-Federal candidates and causes – a whopping $8000 – than anyone else. While the others didn’t come close to his numbers, at least FnSA-PAC gave $990 to the non-Feds. Sarah-PAC and FF-PAC gave zilch, nada. Way to go supporting the local candidates, Huck! Good job!

Mike Huckabee’s Fair Tax Petition

Sign Governor Huckabee’s Petition to Elect a Fair Tax Congress.  The goal is 50,000 signatures by April 15th.  Now that will stimulate the economy!

Tax Day is rapidly approaching. As Americans prepare to give an unfair and growing amount of their paychecks to the Federal Government, our mission is clearer now more than ever:

Folks, it is time we put the IRS out of business.

Together we can accomplish this goal if we work hard to elect a record number of candidates to Congress this November who support the Fair Tax or who are willing to learn more about it.

But before I explain how we do this, let me first – for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Fair Tax – briefly explain how it works.

You get rid of income tax.

You get rid of all the withholding.

You get rid of corporate taxes completely, totally. After all – those taxes are not really paid by the corporations. They’re passed on to the customer with a 22 percent embedded tax in the system.

You eliminate that, which means the prices of what you purchase will go down.

You replace it with a 23 percent consumption tax. Now, that sounds expensive, but you only pay when you purchase something new, whether it’s a product or a service.

Also, It’s a completely transparent tax system.

It doesn’t increase taxes. It’s revenue neutral. It will bring business back to the United States that is leaving our shores – our current, complicated, unfair tax laws make it impossible for an American-based business to compete with lower tax structures in other countries.

Don’t tell me something this “sweeping” can’t be passed. With your help . . . it can – and it will.

I urge you to sign my petition to the Republican candidates running for Congress. Help us reach 50,000 signatures by April 15.

I have signed this petition and I hope and pray that you will add your signature next to mine.

Make Your Mark

Sign The Petition

Mike Huckabee’s Iowa Blitz

On February 24th Governor Mike Huckabee will be returning to Iowa in order to support his endorsed candidate for Iowa Governor, Bob Vander Plaats.  This is the second time Huckabee has been in the state to support Vander Plaats and it won’t be his last.  He has committed a good portion of 2010 to stump for his Huck PAC candidates, some of who are in contested primaries against establishment candidates such as Bob and also Marco Rubio who is fighting Charlie Crist for the US Senate nomination in Florida.

Since winning the 2008 Iowa Caucuses Governor Huckabee has had two books hit the New York Times best seller list, hosts the number one weekend news show on cable, and has the fastest growing radio show of the past decade.  With all of this going on he still has committed himself to helping conservative candidates in the 2010 elections.  On the 24th he will be speaking at a high dollar fundraiser luncheon for Vander Plaats and then headlining a free rally for him in the evening.  Huckabee’s national grassroots team, Team Huck, is currently making phone calls to promote this event to Iowans

While in Iowa for Vander Plaats, Huckabee will also be lending a hand to Iowa Family Policy Center’s political arm.  The Iowa Family PAC will be hosting an event in Des Moines on the 24th in between the two Vander Plaats events and the Governor will be the keynote speaker.  This organization will be raising funds to locate and elect pro-family candidates while also working tirelessly on getting a Marriage Amendment passed.  Huckabee has always been an outspoken supporter of traditional marriage and successfully passed a Marriage Amendment with a Democratic legislature as Governor of Arkansas.

Details of all of the Mike Huckabee events on the 24th are provided below.  You will also be able to watch the rally live on Bob Vander Plaats’ new website that was just launched.  Huck-tastic.

Noon-1:30 PM
Private Luncheon for Bob Vander Plaats at the Cedar Rapids Country Club
Featured Speaker Mike Huckabee
550 27th Street Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
$1,500 per person or $2,000 per couple
**if you are unable to attend please consider sponsoring another individual or couple**
Please RSVP to Tim Dusenbery at

5:30-7:00 PM
Free Rally for Bob Vander Plaats at the Cedar Rapids Marriott
Mike Huckabee will speak and play in the band
1200 Collins Road NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Please visit here to get your free ticket

2:00-4:00 PM
Iowa Family Policy Center PAC event “Rebooting Faith in Government”
Keynote Speaker Mike Huckabee
Airport Holiday Inn
6111 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Iowa
Donations requested at event
Questions: 515-263-3495 or 1-877-866-IFPC