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Huck PAC Candidates Looking Good

Governor Mike Huckabee has endorsed two conservative candidates in hotly contested Republican primaries against establishment-not-so-conservative-candidates in 2010. 

The first one is in the state of Iowa where he has endorsed Bob Vander Plaats for Governor.  The main challenger to Vander Plaats is a former four-term Governor of the state, Terry Branstad.  Only the establishment would do something as stupid as to resurrect a former office holder to attempt to run in the general in an anti-incumbent year.  This is an important race because Iowa’s first term Democratic Governor is very, very vulnerable and in a head to head poll Vander Plaats defeats him.  Since picking up Huckabee’s endorsement Bob VP has also locked in some key support from activist Chuck Norris, the president of the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP, Michael Farris (a national leader in home-school education and the founder of Patrick Henry College), and David Barton of WallBuilders.  I believe Vander Plaats is well on his way to winning the primary in June.

The second candidate is Marco Rubio who is being challenged by Gov. Charlie Crist for the nomination for the US Senate seat in Florida.  Crist has been backed by the establishment and Huckabee endorsed Rubio in June when he was trailing Crist by 30% in the polls.  A new Rasmussen poll just out shows that Rubio has erased that lead and is now tied with Crist for the nomination and he is also the stronger candidate in the general election.  I believe that we will see Rubio gain even more traction as his name recognition increases and will come away the nominee in August against the better funded Crist.

There is a lot at stake in the 2010 elections and Huck PAC’s two main endorsements in the primaries are looking good right now.  I’m sure Team Huck will be behind these two candidates full force.

Question is, will any other 2012 hopefuls take a stand in these brutal primaries or will Mike Huckabee be the only one to put principle over political risk?


Team Huck Full Force Behind Bob McDonnell

Huck PAC endorsed candidate Bob McDonnell who is the Republican running for Governor of Virginia in November is reaping the benefits of being backed by Governor Mike Huckabee.  The nationwide grassroots organization of Huck PAC which is present in all fifty states, Team Huck, will be making 10,000 calls into Virgina on behalf of McDonnell on August 22nd.  Some volunteers are also hosting Huck PAC house parties in order to get the phone calling completed.  (There are over thirty house parties across America currently planned.)

While Huck PAC has lagged behind its rivals in fundraising it is interesting to see how they use the immense grassroots support that they have to assist candidates which is not characteristic of a normal PAC, however, nothing about Huckabee and his shocking rise to the top is characteristic of any other politician.  It seems that Huck PAC is not a cookie cut out PAC but instead utilizing its one of a kind asset:  the power of the people.

Find out more about the Huck PAC house parties here and learn about the Team Huck volunteers who have individually pledged to make fifty calls for Bob McDonnell here.  You can also donate to help the efforts of Huck PAC and Team Huck.

Huck PAC House Parties and Huckabee Tops Another Poll

On August 22 Team Huck members from around the country will get together to make phone calls on behalf of Bob McDonnell for Governor of Virginia which is a 2009 election.  Members are encouraged to host Huck PAC house parties with guests making the phone calls with a goal of 10,000 calls nationwide.  Bob McDonnell is a solid conservative and has what it takes to be a great leader and Team Huck is doing everything they can to ensure his victory.

In polling news, Governor Huckabee tops yet another 2012 poll for choice of Republican nominee.  In this poll he is leading by five points which is outside of the margin of error.  Don’t hold your breath that any one in the conservative news outlets will whisper a word of this.  Maybe some day they will learn that they do not pick the Republican standard bearer; we do.

Huckabee Discusses the Sanford Situation

With Governor Mark Sanford’s personal life going down in flames, one wonders if he will eventually step down from his office of Governor of South Carolina or be asked to resign due to his negligence of his duties.  The Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer, was on Huckabee discussing the situation.

Governor Huckabee has been nothing but fair and kind towards the Sanford situation but yet he seems to be the one with so much to gain from it happening.

Huckabee Dominates the Media

First a new book, then a FOX tv show, and now you will hear Mike Huckabee on the radio.  He has signed with the ABC Radio Networks and The Huckabee Report will be on the air beginning January 5, 2009.  It will air mornings and afternoons with Huckabee relaying the top news of the day while drawing on his experience as fomer governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate.  The Gipper would be proud.  This statement from a press release is why I think this show will be valuable for us everyday Americans.

Huckabee will discuss the top stories of the day in a way that will “speak directly to where the listeners are.” He will discuss news “from a perspective that touches the listeners at the dinner table at night. That’s the goal — not to be esoteric or talk about it from the ivory towers of Washington but to talk about how it’s going to affect the person driving to work today, not knowing if this is the last day they are going to have their job.”

Maybe I won’t always have to turn off conservative media like I posted about below.  Hallelujah!!!!

Huckabee: A Fiscal Conservative

It is well known that Governor Mike Huckabee is a social conservative.  What his vocal non-supporters like to point out, however, is that he is a fiscal liberal.  Not so.  First of all, social and fiscal conservatism are not separate but tied together.  If we do not have a strong, moral society that promotes and supports the traditional values of life and family, we will have a society that is dependent on the government to take care of them.  Relying on the government to take over where society has failed is expensive and it is not a solution……it is a quick fix.  Social conservatism is the foundation of fiscal conservatism.

I also stumbled upon an article that gives sound argument as to why Huckabee should be labeled a fiscal conservative just by his record as governor.  He not only cut taxes and balanced the budget for the state of Arkansas in his tenure as governor, he also found a way to save money for the state in his tax raises.  Some of these tax raises were actually court mandated so Huckabee really didn’t have a choice (plus he was face with a Democratic legislature who could veto at anytime), but he was actually helping out the state long term with these raises because the results from them would require less government assistance in the future.  Huckabee also believed that the next generation in Arkansas should not be put into debt for the decisions made today.

Gov. Huckabee was relatively unknown when the manner in which he connected with voters, his sincerity and his steady determination caught on. But being relatively unknown, far less conservative competitors were able to raise doubts about his fiscal conservatism.

But his record shows another story. Gov. Huckabee is a true fiscal as well as a social conservative. The programs he proposed, such as arts education, a program that has been shown to be effective at reducing drop out levels and lowering teen crime, were qualitative, not costly in nature. In fact, dating as far back to his first years in office, Gov. Huckabee pushed for the first comprehensive tax cuts in the entire history of his state. Two years later, he followed up by cutting the state’s capital gains tax and by gaining passage of the Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, limiting the amount that property taxes can be raised. Governor Huckabee has supported conservative measures to fix social security, encourage school choice and advance tort reform. What’s more, he’s also the most widely known and outspoken proponent of the “fair tax” in the nation.

His record added to his strong opposition to the current federal Bailout Bill means, yes, Mike Huckabee knows how to be a fiscal conservative.