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Huck PAC Candidates Looking Good

Governor Mike Huckabee has endorsed two conservative candidates in hotly contested Republican primaries against establishment-not-so-conservative-candidates in 2010. 

The first one is in the state of Iowa where he has endorsed Bob Vander Plaats for Governor.  The main challenger to Vander Plaats is a former four-term Governor of the state, Terry Branstad.  Only the establishment would do something as stupid as to resurrect a former office holder to attempt to run in the general in an anti-incumbent year.  This is an important race because Iowa’s first term Democratic Governor is very, very vulnerable and in a head to head poll Vander Plaats defeats him.  Since picking up Huckabee’s endorsement Bob VP has also locked in some key support from activist Chuck Norris, the president of the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP, Michael Farris (a national leader in home-school education and the founder of Patrick Henry College), and David Barton of WallBuilders.  I believe Vander Plaats is well on his way to winning the primary in June.

The second candidate is Marco Rubio who is being challenged by Gov. Charlie Crist for the nomination for the US Senate seat in Florida.  Crist has been backed by the establishment and Huckabee endorsed Rubio in June when he was trailing Crist by 30% in the polls.  A new Rasmussen poll just out shows that Rubio has erased that lead and is now tied with Crist for the nomination and he is also the stronger candidate in the general election.  I believe that we will see Rubio gain even more traction as his name recognition increases and will come away the nominee in August against the better funded Crist.

There is a lot at stake in the 2010 elections and Huck PAC’s two main endorsements in the primaries are looking good right now.  I’m sure Team Huck will be behind these two candidates full force.

Question is, will any other 2012 hopefuls take a stand in these brutal primaries or will Mike Huckabee be the only one to put principle over political risk?


Marco Rubio Rocks

Charlie Crist better watch his back because Marco Rubio is gaining in the polls for the Republican nomination for US Senate in Florida.

Huckabee Addresses Cap and Trade

Governor Huckabee also recently gave a zinger to the GOP establishment for their endorsement of Charlie Crist (FL) for U.S. Senate over the true conservative candidate, Marco Rubio, who Huckabee just endorsed.  Good for him.

Governor Huckabee Endorses Marco Rubio for US Senate

Huckabee has just announced his endorsement of principled conservative Marco Rubio of Florida for US Senate.  The Republican establishment has already backed Mr. Rubio’s primary challenger, Governor Charlie Crist (RINO), and it is time to show the GOP that we stand for principles first and party second.  Here is what Huckabee said in a recent Huck PAC newsletter.

We knew when we started Huck PAC that our task would not be easy. Huck PAC isn’t going to find much support fr om the so-called “establishment” because more often than not the candidates we support will likely be the underdogs. That’s okay with me and I hope you feel the same way. If standing on principles means supporting the underdog, then count me in.

Thank you Governor Huckabee for bucking the establishment who does not listen to “we the people.”

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Huckabee Set to Endorse Marco Rubio and Will Welcome Kris Allen

It is all over the news.  Governor Huckabee is the first conservative power house set to endorse US Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida against the GOP establishment’s pick, Governor Crist.  Mr. Rubio is a rock solid conservative who Huck PAC will soon be endorsing and throw their full support behind in the primaries.

In addition to his political adventures, Huckabee will have American Idol winner and fellow citizen of Arkansas, Kris Allen, on this Fox News show this weekend.

Huckabee was also making a statement this week on Memorial Day.  Read about his phenomenal speech here.