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Mike Huckabee Wrapped-Up Another Book Tour and Another Comes in 2011

Governor Huckabee has just wrapped up another book tour.  This time he was promoting his Christmas book A Simple Christmas from last year which has been updated and his new children’s book Can’t Wait Till Christmas which stems from one of the chapters in the adult version.  This was a more low-key tour as about half the stops were made than he normally does when promoting a book.  This time he visited the states of Arizona, California, Florida, and New Jersey.  I believe these were all states he had not visited before on a book tour with the exception of Florida.  He received an amazing response in these states in which many times hundreds of people were lined up to meet Huckabee and have their books signed.

While on the tour Gov. Huckabee also took the time to give some important lectures and speeches.  One of these was in Orange County in Southern California where it seemed he was taking a Presidential campaign for a test drive, and the attendees were enthusiastic about his message.  While going back to the east coast for his Fox News show and another book signing Huckabee stirred emotion at the 28th Beit El Dinner in New York where he received a standing ovation.  While on the book tour trail Huckabee was very open to talking to the press which could be because he is a natural behind the camera and microphone and is confident in his message.  There were two really good spontaneous interviews:  one was conducted at the Reagan Library in California and the other one was with NewsMax while he was in Florida where he stated that he could take the White House in 2012.

Can’t Wait Till Christmas debuted at number ten on The New York Time’s Best Seller List last week and Huckabee has already announced that he will have a new policy book coming out at the end of February 2011.  I have been made aware that this spring book tour will have a large amount of destinations and in states that could send a message.  It will be interesting to see the footprints of Mike Huckabee in 2011 since he has remained so popular and continues to lead in polls not only for the GOP nomination in 2012 but also in head-to-head match-ups against President Obama.  Maybe soon he will get some respect.


Huckabee Topping the Polls

A couple of new polls are out that reflect Sarah Palin’s book bounce but Governor Huckabee remains the consistent frontrunner.  In the Fox News poll Huckabee is once again the GOP candidate with the highest favorables across the board.  As GOP 12 states, “Maybe he’s not the front-runner on paper, but he’s the front-runner with people.”  There was also a new Public Policy Polling released today in which for the eighth month in a row Huckabee fares best against a possible match-up with President Obama.

In book news, Huckabee’s A Simple Christmas is now up to #3 on the Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller list.

UPDATE:  A Simple Christmas is also #3 on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Also, Huckabee spoke to the Hudson Union Society earlier this month and said this:

When he [Barack Obama] was at Dover the other day, and went there to pay respect for soldiers, I heard a lot of people on the Right say “Aw, that’s just a cheap photo-op.” No, I think it was the Commander-in-Chief of our military paying respect to a dead soldier, and I’m grateful that he did that, and I was proud of him for doing that. And I think we all — as Americans — should give him credit for doing that.

He continued:

When he and Michele hosted the tricker-treaters on Halloween, quit finding something wrong with that. Say “Good, I’m glad that he and the First Lady are treating children to an experience at the White House.” And I just find it deplorable that some people on my end of the aisle want to find everything wrong and nothing right about the man as a man.

The underlying point, Huckabee concluded, was that knee-jerk criticism to the president was counter-productive to civil debate. “I hated it when people did that to George Bush,” he said. “They couldn’t even laugh at the man’s jokes they found something wrong with everything and if we do that to Barack Obama, then shame on us, shame on us. No wonder our country is so divided when that happens.”

I agree 100% with this statement.  It seems that conservatives have a short-term memory on how the left treated Pres. Bush and how much it outraged them.  The “you did it to us first” mentality is best left to first graders.

Huckabee: Another Book?

Right now Governor Mike Huckabee is on a 64 city and 22 state book tour for A Simple Christmas and so far it has reached #18 on the New York Times Best Seller list.  His best seller from last year Do the Right Thing has come out in paperback during the release of the new book.  What I didn’t realize, however, is that a new chapter was added to Do the Right Thing that deals with the 2008 election.  (It was published even before the Republican Convention.)

Adam Graham at race42012 gave a summary of what this new chapter is about.  Huckabee uses this chapter to praise the pick of Sarah Palin as Vice President, to hammer on those who supported TARP and the stimulus and to make a point how some of those people were the very ones who criticized him for not being a fiscal conservative, and to make a statement of what he would have done if Joe Lieberman was the VP pick:

Huckabee planned to not appear at the Republican Convention “quietly” and to focus his attention exclusively on House, Governor, and Senate candidates.

At one of the book signings Huckabee admitted that he was already working on his eighth book which will be a policy book due out the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011.  Hmmmm………..

Huckabee Touring the Country and Rising to the Top

Governor Huckabee’s recent visit to Iowa to promote his new book A Simple Christmas:  Twelve Stories That Celebrate the True Holiday Spirit demonstrated that Iowans still like Mike.  He was met with great crowds at all of his three stops (which is similar to the enthusiastic response he is getting in other states as well) and at his last event of the evening he shared why he’s in the state and why he will be back in Iowa again.

A lot has changed since Huckabee first stepped foot in Iowa.   He began as a blip in the polls and now he is considered the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2012.  He has recently had a clean sweep in the polls; Rasmussen, CNN, PPP, and most recently Gallup have all proved him to be the number one choice for 2012.

The question that remains is will he leave his number one weekend cable show on Fox which dominates the ratings across the board and his in demand radio show that is up to 450 affiliates to pursue the nomination?  We sure hope so.

Huckabee Hits 450 Affiliates and Launches New Book

The Huckabee Report which is heard three times daily on ABC Radio has hit the milestone 450 affiliates.

“Governor Huckabee continues to win over affiliates and advertisers as he delivers an audience eager to hear his compelling views on our nation’s most serious topics,” Citadel Media SVP/Programming & Distribution Carl Anderson said. “In the 10 months since we first aired ‘The Huckabee Report,’ it has become one of the fastest-growing shows in our network’s history. It’s a strong testimony to Governor Huckabee’s ability to connect with his listeners and earn their trust.”

Today Governor Huckabee’s seventh book goes on sale A Simple Christmas:  Twelve Stories That Celebrate the True Holiday Spirit.  (His political hard-hitting New York Times Best Seller from last year, Do the Right Thing, will be released on paper back also.)  Time magazine conducted an interview with Huckabee on the release of his new book and the upcoming grueling sixty stop book tour.

As if the radio airwaves and his book are not enough, Huckabee also had a very pointed opening monologue on his Fox TV show this past weekend about Americans who are offended by the American flag, which fits well with one of my favorite sayings………America, like it or leave it.

If the American flag offends people in America, then I suggest that those people find a flag they like better and take the next flight one way to where that flag flies. I’d actually be in favor of taking the bailout and stimulus money the government wants to spend and use it to stimulate people who hate our flag to bail out in the country of their choice.

Huckabee Hits the Road for His New Book “A Simple Christmas”

Governor Mike Huckabee is coming out with a new book called A Simple Christmas:  Twelve Stories That Celebrate the True Holiday Spirit on November 3rd only a year after his last book Do the Right Thing hit the top five on the New York Times Best Seller list.  This book, however, is much different from the last in that it is not a policy book but instead a people book.

“The first Christmas was a simple one. So simple that it had all the makings of a first-class disaster. It’s miracle it turned out well at all. In fact, that’s the whole point. It really was, and remains, a miracle – the greatest miracle of all time. And it really was simple.”

Huckabee recounts twelve Christmas memories – often funny, sometimes deeply moving – that range from his childhood in Arkansas to his years as a young husband and father to his time as a governor and then a presidential candidate. These true stories will help you smile, take a deep breath, and maybe slow down your own holiday treadmill.

If you’re looking for a little clarity, sanity, and inspiration at this insane time of year, you’re sure to enjoy A Simple Christmas.

Huckabee will once again be hitting the trail in an exhausting sixty city stop book signing tour in November.  Be sure to check if he is coming to a city near you.  This is the seventh book that the Governor has authored.