Mike Huckabee’s Next Book Tour shows Iowa and South Carolina the Love

Will he or won’t he?  That will most likely be the question until the end of this summer.  Will Mike Huckabee make a second run for the White House?  He has adamantly said time and time again that he will not make this decision until later in the year and lately he has been giving a time-table and his reasons for waiting, which I believe is a positive sign that he is going to run.  With now three different polls in Iowa showing that he still is the favorite and his base is still in tact, national polls like this that show him as the clear leader for the nomination, and just yesterday a poll that shows him with promise in a state that should never be a Huckabee state, why wouldn’t he run?

I know supporters are freaking out about his could-be late entry into the presidential race but I am not one of them.  The critics to his method point out Fred Thompson’s failure, but what they need to realize is that Thompson’s strategy did not fail but he failed as a candidate.  Huckabee has the grassroots foundation in the early caucus and primary states, a national platform on Fox News and ABC Radio until he does declare, and charisma to steal the show once he does enter.

Governor Huckabee will also be staying front and center in the news until this summer even without declaring a candidacy for POTUS.  He is scheduled to leave on a two-week trip to Israel the end of January and then will be hosting a week-long Alaskan cruise in June.  In between those two events he is fitting in a mega tour for his new policy book due out on February 22 called A Simple Government:  Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don’t!) And this just isn’t any other book tour as it will be spreading the love to two early caucus/primary states…Iowa and South Carolina.  There are 40 stops on this tour with over a quarter of them being in these two states alone:  six destinations in Iowa and five in South Carolina.  And with the media just chomping at the bit for the presidential race to start but the heavy hitters in the GOP dragging their feet to enter, this event should get quite a bit of attention.

Hang on.  This should be quite a ride if you are a Huckabee supporter.  Is it summer yet?


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  1. chalkartist on

    Lori- this is a great article that I wholeheartedly agree with. It has been said that “politicians are actors performing a script that is written by the audience.” However, in Governor Huckabee’s case, he is not the average run of the mill politician. He is not allowing the part of the “audience” who are the media dictate when he should jump, how high, and how far. One reason for this is he is smarter than the whole lot of them combined. Add to that his experience, wisdom, class, communication skills, and leadership abilities and you have an individual who is poised to potentially become the greatest American President in our life times, perhaps in history. Thanks for the article. You just made Ann Culter and Michelle Malkin look like to un-informed grade schoolers.

  2. callmecrusader on

    Not freaking out but ready for summer. Ready to be the boots on the ground for Gov. Huckabee who is the best candidate to take on the Obama machine!

  3. garywalter on

    Great article- Here’s the point- it was Thompson’s lack of drive and energy that doomed him. Noone can attribute lack of drive and energy to Mike Huckabee!

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