Separating Fact from Fiction-Huckabee’s Stance on Cap and Trade

Isn’t it odd when a link or video pops-up from over three years ago from when someone last ran for President when no candidate has declared a run for the White House yet in the next cycle?  There is no other explanation when this happens except for certain entities don’t want this individual to run for POTUS again because he just might win.  This individual is Governor Mike Huckabee and once again his stance on mandatory cap and trade is getting twisted and this is his statement to help separate fact from fiction.

In an attempt by bloggers to provide another “GOTCHA” moment – video of a speech I delivered at a climate conference is circulating around as “evidence” of my support for the mandatory cap and trade bill.

To help sort fact from fiction, here is my position – just as it was in 2007:

Like President Reagan and both Presidents Bush, I do support voluntary cap and trade that would allow responsible companies to sell carbon credits to other companies whose emissions exceed the current legal levels – the goal would be a reduction of carbon emissions over a period of time. In the video, I specifically named Wal-Mart from my home state as an example of responsible corporate policy.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 – that President Bush ultimately signed was not a cap and trade law. It addressed automobile fuel economy, the development of bio-fuels energy, and efficiency in public buildings and lighting. The reference I made in the speech about the House’s action was because it established a responsible and scientific standard for counting carbon emissions – the House had passed it, but the Senate had not. Even in the voluntary approach, having a standard is necessary. In my speech, I specifically said “carbon counting.” Those who are now breathlessly trotting out their attacks that I supported mandatory cap and trade have simply not done their homework.

That is a far cry from supporting a mandatory federal tax and certainly dramatically different from the 2010 legislation known as the Kerry Bill, which I strongly opposed; as evidenced by numerous comments I made in print, in my daily radio commentaries and on my weekly television show.

I do believe that all of us have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment and to be respectful of the fact that we are responsible to God for good and careful use of His creation. That is exactly the position I’ve held politically and attempted to practice personally.


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