Mike Huckabee Jumping in Hotly Contested Primaries

Governor Huckabee created some waves last year when he was one of the first to endorse Marco Rubio in the Florida GOP Senate primary over the establishment pick, Charlie Crist.  Since then Rubio has taken off and has sent Crist packing to another party. 

Huckabee has just recently done the same with his endorsements of Chuck DeVore of California and Marlin Stutzman of Indiana for U.S. Senate.  Both of these conservative men are taking on big money and name recognition establishment candidates and Huckabee has stepped into the fight to help tear down politics as usual.

Governor Huckabee wrote a blog on RedState about his endorsements:

I realize that I am preaching to the choir on Redstate when I say we need: Chuck DeVore, Marco Rubio and Marlin Stutzman in the US Senate. We do.

We need three firm votes in the Senate AGAINST bailouts, Obamacare and the many tax increases that our coming our way to pay for both. We need strong defenders of the 2nd amendment, life, traditional marriage and wait for it…REAL BORDER SECURITY!

In Marco, Chuck and Marlin we have candidates with strong and proven conservative principles. On a day when a candidate with no principles is about to switch to “No Party Affiliation” it’s nice to celebrate and support three conservative candidates who know what they believe – and why they believe it.

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