Give to Huck PAC if you Actually Want to Give to Candidates

The PACs of Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Tim Pawlenty have all made their quarterly filing (Romney’s is monthly).  It appears that even though Huck PAC brings in the least money they are the ones who know how to get people involved in the process with grassroots support and it appears they are the only PAC that really knows why they exist which is to help candidates get elected

Please notice the percentage of Huck PAC’s money that actually goes to candidates and also notice that they know how to make the most difference with this money because they invest it in non-federal candidates.  In others words, elect conservatives from the bottom up.

I would have to say that the biggest loser here is Sarah PAC.  Why the heck even have a PAC?  Window dressing.

This is the summary from RightOSphere (please click link to get detailed chart):

Romney’s FnSA-PAC brought in more money than all the others combined. Huck-PAC brought in the least. In a turnaround from last year, Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC pulled in 25% more that Sarah-PAC.

Only Sarah-PAC operated in the red this quarter.

In the race for grassroots support, Huck-PAC had the biggest percentage of their contributions coming from $200 and below. However in terms of sheer numbers, FnSA-PAC had more than all the other three combined in that category. FF-PAC had the least, both as percentage and as real dollars. It would appear that Pawlenty just isn’t catching on at the grassroots level yet.

Huck-PAC can stand with their head held high when it comes to percentage Contributions going out. They gave away by far the biggest percentage to others. FnSA-PAC gave the most in sheer numbers, but percentage-wise, they came in third. Only Sarah-PAC gave a smaller percentage than they. Sarah-PAC gave the least amount both in dollars and a percentage of all the PACs.

Huck-PAC also gave far more away to non-Federal candidates and causes – a whopping $8000 – than anyone else. While the others didn’t come close to his numbers, at least FnSA-PAC gave $990 to the non-Feds. Sarah-PAC and FF-PAC gave zilch, nada. Way to go supporting the local candidates, Huck! Good job!

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