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Governor Huckabee Appearing in Two Documentaries

The first documentary is “An Inconvenient Tax” which will premier on April 15th.

The second documentary is “What’s Wrong with Socialism.”

Given the times we live in I believe these two documentaries are very appropriate!


Huckabee Leading the Charge Against Health Care Bill

Governor Mike Huckabee is adding his influential voice to other evangelical leaders who have banded together to ignite mass opposition to President Obama’s health care plan.

This weekend’s health care showdown in Congress will test the political clout of evangelical Protestant activists, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who are rushing to muster mass opposition to the Democratic bill endorsed by President Obama.

Dr. Randy Brinson, founder of Redeem the Vote, said evangelical leaders will target first-time voters, including Catholics, particularly in the Midwest, and voters not normally involved in religious or social activism, with an appeal highlighted by an e-mail from Mr. Huckabee.

Over the next few days, Mr. Huckabee’s name, picture and words will appear on what organizers say will be “millions of electronic messages” urging voters to tell lawmakers to stand firm against the health care bill, set for a climactic vote Sunday in the House.

Mr. Huckabee, who ran for the 2008 Republican presidential nod, has teamed up with the Rev. Rick Scarborough of Vision America and Dr. Brinson, a Montgomery, Ala., founder of Optimum Impact LLC, which he describes as the “largest purveyor of e-mail data regarding political messaging.”

“President Obama, [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid are doing everything in their power to push through a health care bill that would mandate federally funded abortions, along with a host of other issues that the American people have clearly said they don’t want,” Mr. Huckabee claims in his e-mail pitch.

Huckabee’s new website has had over 100,000 visitors in under a week who ventured to the website to get the phone numbers of members of Congress so they could voice their opposition.  He has also addressed this disastrous bill on his Fox News show numerous times and his closing thoughts last weekend was another home run.

Time is running out.  Voice your opposition.

Huckabee’s Call Congress Now and Tax Revolt

Governor Mike Huckabee has set up a new website to assist Americans in their fight against the government takeover of health care which is set to be voted on in a few days.  His website gives the phone numbers of every U.S. Congressman and Senator in an easy to use form for calling.

His website reads:

President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are attempting to ram their massive health care bill through Congress.

They are pushing full steam ahead with their bill – which includes taxpayer funded abortions. We need to make certain our voices are heard in Washington. We must stop this bill.

Call your Member of Congress Today!

Huckabee has also become one of the leaders in the Online Tax Revolt that will take place on April 15th.  In a blog post he blasts the current tax system and encourages other Americans to join him in the revolt.  It is no secret that Huckabee is a major backer of the Fair Tax and this revolt is right in line with that.  When you join in the march you are able to select Mike Huckabee’s team.

Iowa Still Hearts Huckabee

Since being propelled into the national spotlight after winning the 2008 Iowa Caucuses Governor Mike Huckabee has become one of the leading conservative voices in the field.  Many in the Republican elite refuse to acknowledge this and one of their top wishes is that he would just go away.  Not too likely considering the level of support he gets in polls and in his tv, radio, book, and speaking endeavours.

The Beltway group can’t seem to grasp the popularity of someone like Mike Huckabee, and I believe that fact is his strongest suit.  He is someone who has guts enough to put Michelle Obama on his show in her Fox News debut to talk about their shared issue of fighting childhood obesity while in the same weekend comes down on CPAC when he gave his reasons why he didn’t attend.  He got criticism for both moves.  I don’t understand the criticism of the First Lady interview since I’m not sure how many people out there would like to be hammered for their spouses’ decisions while on the job, and that is what conservatives wanted Huckabee to do.  Also, people totally misunderstood the fight against childhood obesity.  Huckabee stated time and time again that the fight is a cultural shift and not the government’s responsibility.  And for the record, who cares if he received some flak for his CPAC comments because many in the grassroots echo the same opinion.  Plus, he is one of the few Republicans who can offer real health care solutions because of his extensive executive experience.

We are over the halfway mark now of time that has passed since that 2008 Iowa Caucuses and the time that remains until the 2012 ones.  Only Governor Huckabee knows if he will jump into the Presidential race again, but if he does it looks like Iowa will once again be strong for him.  As far as I know only two polls have been done that test the 2012 Iowa political waters.  Huckabee was the favorite in the November Des Moines Register poll and the latest poll done of the 2012 Iowa Caucuses performed by Right Way Marketing shows Huckabee with a comfortable lead.  The only thing that throws me off about this poll is the number of undecideds.  I am an Iowan and I know we like to dissect our candidates but this high amount of undecideds seems a bit odd to me.  Anyway, it is a snapshot of  the Hawkeye state right now and they still heart Huckabee.