Huckabee News: Israel, Radio Show, and Changes at Huck PAC

Governor Mike Huckabee recently returned home from his twelfth trip to Israel where he got to meet with various foreign leaders.  I dare say that Israel has no greater American friend than Huckabee.

His ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report has surpassed 500 affiliates and was the fastest growing radio show of the past decade.

Citadel Media announced today that The Huckabee Report, the short form news and commentary feature hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee, has reached more than 500 affiliates making it the fastest growing radio program of the past decade.

The most recent news is a changeover of Executive Directors of Huck PAC.  Sarah Huckabee is taking on a new opportunity and she is being replaced by someone with major inroads in the South Carolina GOP.  Hmmmmmm………..


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