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Mike Huckabee’s Iowa Blitz

On February 24th Governor Mike Huckabee will be returning to Iowa in order to support his endorsed candidate for Iowa Governor, Bob Vander Plaats.  This is the second time Huckabee has been in the state to support Vander Plaats and it won’t be his last.  He has committed a good portion of 2010 to stump for his Huck PAC candidates, some of who are in contested primaries against establishment candidates such as Bob and also Marco Rubio who is fighting Charlie Crist for the US Senate nomination in Florida.

Since winning the 2008 Iowa Caucuses Governor Huckabee has had two books hit the New York Times best seller list, hosts the number one weekend news show on cable, and has the fastest growing radio show of the past decade.  With all of this going on he still has committed himself to helping conservative candidates in the 2010 elections.  On the 24th he will be speaking at a high dollar fundraiser luncheon for Vander Plaats and then headlining a free rally for him in the evening.  Huckabee’s national grassroots team, Team Huck, is currently making phone calls to promote this event to Iowans

While in Iowa for Vander Plaats, Huckabee will also be lending a hand to Iowa Family Policy Center’s political arm.  The Iowa Family PAC will be hosting an event in Des Moines on the 24th in between the two Vander Plaats events and the Governor will be the keynote speaker.  This organization will be raising funds to locate and elect pro-family candidates while also working tirelessly on getting a Marriage Amendment passed.  Huckabee has always been an outspoken supporter of traditional marriage and successfully passed a Marriage Amendment with a Democratic legislature as Governor of Arkansas.

Details of all of the Mike Huckabee events on the 24th are provided below.  You will also be able to watch the rally live on Bob Vander Plaats’ new website that was just launched.  Huck-tastic.

Noon-1:30 PM
Private Luncheon for Bob Vander Plaats at the Cedar Rapids Country Club
Featured Speaker Mike Huckabee
550 27th Street Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
$1,500 per person or $2,000 per couple
**if you are unable to attend please consider sponsoring another individual or couple**
Please RSVP to Tim Dusenbery at

5:30-7:00 PM
Free Rally for Bob Vander Plaats at the Cedar Rapids Marriott
Mike Huckabee will speak and play in the band
1200 Collins Road NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Please visit here to get your free ticket

2:00-4:00 PM
Iowa Family Policy Center PAC event “Rebooting Faith in Government”
Keynote Speaker Mike Huckabee
Airport Holiday Inn
6111 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Iowa
Donations requested at event
Questions: 515-263-3495 or 1-877-866-IFPC


Huckabee News: Israel, Radio Show, and Changes at Huck PAC

Governor Mike Huckabee recently returned home from his twelfth trip to Israel where he got to meet with various foreign leaders.  I dare say that Israel has no greater American friend than Huckabee.

His ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report has surpassed 500 affiliates and was the fastest growing radio show of the past decade.

Citadel Media announced today that The Huckabee Report, the short form news and commentary feature hosted by Governor Mike Huckabee, has reached more than 500 affiliates making it the fastest growing radio program of the past decade.

The most recent news is a changeover of Executive Directors of Huck PAC.  Sarah Huckabee is taking on a new opportunity and she is being replaced by someone with major inroads in the South Carolina GOP.  Hmmmmmm………..

Tebow Super Bowl Ad Super Disappointing

Those of us who champion the social issues and are in the trenches everyday are just aching for leaders who take a stand outside of the 700 Club or TBN.  I’m not asking for a mere human being to save the world from moral decay because we know that there is only One who can do that, but just someone to be the forceful voice in the darkness, our Moses in the wilderness.  But maybe that is asking too much in a nation where Planned Parenthood is building their biggest baby killing factory in the same city as our nation’s largest church.  One would think that Joel Osteen’s church, which draws 43,500 people per service, could cause some uproar against  this factory.  Not so, but what would one expect from a Christian church that doesn’t even have a cross.

This lack of leadership is telling when the statement of a mere beauty queen captured the nation when she stated her belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.  No one has ever been so bold in the secular arena with millions watching.  While what Carrie Prejean did was full of conviction, she has proven to be a flawed vessel just like everyone else.  Not surprising since we are the ones who are flawed but not the One who we follow.

The next fervor to appear was the anticipation of Focus on the Family’s Super Bowl commercial featuring football great Tim Tebow and his mother who was to proclaim her pro-life message of not aborting Tim when it was deemed medically necessary.  Tim Tebow has never been shy about his faith and beliefs but to my knowledge I have never witnessed Focus on the Family pull something so bold.  It was inspiring and I thought, “Yes, finally!”  The left was in an uproar, Planned Parenthood was putting on their armor, and Women’s groups were fearing that their gender would now suffer needlessly from this ad (even though they were okay with the commercials of the girls in the skimpy clothes serving beer).

There was a lot of hoopla for nothing and even though I have gotten countless emails from pro-life and pro-family groups hailing the success of the Tebow commercial, I thought it was a missed opportunity since this Super Bowl broke all records in viewership with a total of 106.5 million people tuning in.  The ad merely showed that life is precious at all stages and all life has potential.  A great message but could there have been more?

Even though I was disappointed in the commercial that Focus on the Family chose to run, I still try to look at the bigger picture.  Perhaps it wasn’t the ad itself that was important but instead it was the weeks leading up to its debut.  What the nation witnessed was the irrational opposition of the pro-aborts to a harmless message that celebrated not only life but free speech.  Another fine representation of the tolerance they champion.  Perhaps those for abortion rights protested too much over this ad.  What were they really trying to hide from the nation?  Perhaps that women are important only if they aren’t in the womb and choice is only celebrated when it doesn’t result in another life.

Maybe they should just stick to protesting the beer commercials.