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Huckabee Defeats Obama in Latest Poll!

The latest Public Policy Polling shows for the first time in any poll a Republican challenger defeating President Obama in 2012 and that GOPer is Governor Mike Huckabee, and the win is aided largely by his lead with Independents.  When questioning the authenticity of this poll please remember that this is a Democratic pollster and they are the ones who accurately predicted the Massachusetts race and Scott Brown’s win.

What will Huckabee do in 2012?  His Fox News show continues to be the weekend sensation that is consistently blowing away the competition and The Huckabee Report heard on ABC Radio is gaining affiliates everyday.

Will he be the next Paul Harvey or will he be the person to unseat The One?  I would rather he choose the latter.


Huckabee: Throw the Bums Out!

I loved Mike Huckabee’s closing thoughts on his last weekend’s Fox News show.  He gave five points to Congress on how they can help the economy:

1.  Cut their pay instead of pay raises.
2.  They should take every other month off and spend it in their districts…….LISTENING.
3.  Sponsor the Fair Tax and retire after 12 years and accept no congressional pension.
4.  Cut their staffs and budget by 15 percent.
5.  Pledge to not spend anything not covered in a balanced budget and no new programs for 2 years.

And my favorite…….

2010 could be a turning point year in America; a year in which we flush out the old Congress and bring in some fresh faces and ideas. If we keep the same bunch there, we are probably going to get the same results. We need different results and we need new people to get them. Throw the bums out.