Huckabee Leads Nation Speaking Out Against Health Care Bill

On Saturday, December 20, after Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska was bribed into switching his vote in favor of government takeover of health care there was an emergency rally planned for the next day in Omaha, Nebraska, with Governor Mike Huckabee being invited as the keynote speaker.  What is amazing is that there was less than 24 hours notice given for this rally and it was during the busiest season of the year (5 days before Christmas) but around 2,500 people still turned out for this protest against the health care bill and Sen. Nelson.

Huckabee delivered an arousing speech that included referring to Nelson as Judas, the fiscal horrors of the bill and the attack on the sanctity of life, and he reminded his audience to remember all of this when they go to the ballot box.  No teleprompter needed with Mike Huckabee!  It is well worth the watch.

During this time Huck PAC also started a petition that urges Sen. Nelson to switch his vote back to no.  The petition went live around 9:00 p.m. EST on the 20th and in less than 48 hours it has gathered 50,000 signatures.  It looks like people are fired up!  This is very evident in the video montage below of the Omaha rally.


5 comments so far

  1. tommy on

    vote no health care

  2. florian matsalla on

    No to Obamacare. No to federal funding of abortion. No to freedom of choice act . Retired physician.

  3. jim sutherland on

    mike this bill will put 10 more family’s out of work i can’t pay more pay roll tax than i’m paying now so i will shut down i can not pay more

  4. Henrietta Hardman on

    Place my name as being against the Health Care Bill being voted on today by Congress. I hope my request is not too late. That bill will spell disaster for our country. Furthermore, in the next election I shall vote out all of the congressmen running for office. They have been in Washington too long and have become dictators instead of representatives of the people. And we the people are not going to stand it any longer.

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