How a Katie Couric Interview is Supposed to Be Done

Yesterday Mike Huckabee was interviewed by Katie Couric and he talked about a broad range of topics.  Everything from economic and foreign policy, the bailouts and TARP, his view of President Obama, his support of traditional marriage, how to bring the GOP back, to the rising stars in the party and his thoughts on 2012.

Sure beats some other Republican interviews by Katie Couric.  The full interview is here.

Huckabee’s Fox News show last week was once again number one and his opening comments were right on target about how Political Correctness Killed Americans in Fort Hood.

Let the universities provide the ideological playground for academics to put forth the high-minded plans of people management to give us all a “feel-good” for being so tolerant, but our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines deserve to be surrounded by the best of their peers, not misfits who are protected because of their religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or their cereal preference for that matter.


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