Huckabee Hits 450 Affiliates and Launches New Book

The Huckabee Report which is heard three times daily on ABC Radio has hit the milestone 450 affiliates.

“Governor Huckabee continues to win over affiliates and advertisers as he delivers an audience eager to hear his compelling views on our nation’s most serious topics,” Citadel Media SVP/Programming & Distribution Carl Anderson said. “In the 10 months since we first aired ‘The Huckabee Report,’ it has become one of the fastest-growing shows in our network’s history. It’s a strong testimony to Governor Huckabee’s ability to connect with his listeners and earn their trust.”

Today Governor Huckabee’s seventh book goes on sale A Simple Christmas:  Twelve Stories That Celebrate the True Holiday Spirit.  (His political hard-hitting New York Times Best Seller from last year, Do the Right Thing, will be released on paper back also.)  Time magazine conducted an interview with Huckabee on the release of his new book and the upcoming grueling sixty stop book tour.

As if the radio airwaves and his book are not enough, Huckabee also had a very pointed opening monologue on his Fox TV show this past weekend about Americans who are offended by the American flag, which fits well with one of my favorite sayings………America, like it or leave it.

If the American flag offends people in America, then I suggest that those people find a flag they like better and take the next flight one way to where that flag flies. I’d actually be in favor of taking the bailout and stimulus money the government wants to spend and use it to stimulate people who hate our flag to bail out in the country of their choice.

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