Huckabee Sweeps Latest Rasmussen Polls

Rasmussen Reports recently released polling data on prospective GOP 2012 presidential contenders and how they matched up against each other.  In a five way race for the nomination Governor Mike Huckabee leads the way with 29%, Mitt Romney is next with 24%, and Sarah Palin is third with 18%.

Rasmussen also polled the top three picks against each other in head-to-head match-ups in which Huckabee also comes out on top when polled against Romney and Palin.  He beats Romney 44% to 39% and he comes way out on top over Palin 55% to 35%.

While I don’t believe this polling predicts who the nominee will be for the Republican party in 2012, I do believe it tells us where the candidates with name recognition fall in the race leading up to the contest.

Perhaps the Republican establishment and conservative talking heads should start treating Huckabee with a little respect as they should be able to clearly see who America likes, and America likes Mike.  Perhaps Rush Limbaugh will see the light after Huckabee said this as part of his opening monologue on his show last weekend in which he defended Rush against the NFL.

Ironically, one of the most ridiculous labels thrown on me was that of a “big government liberal,” and even Rush Limbaugh said it during the presidential campaign. It certainly wasn’t good for my political career and now Rush is experiencing a bunch of lies being thrown on him and finding that it can matter.


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