Balance, Cut, Save Petition Gone Wild

Awhile back Governor Huckabee and Huck PAC started a Balance, Cut, and Save petition to put our elected officials on notice and to demand that they balance the budget, cut wasteful spending, and help save the American family.  The goal was to reach 100,000 signatures and until last week the grassroots effort had collected about 42,000 names.

Last Thursday Huckabee mention the petition on Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record and the response was so overwhelming that it crashed the Huck PAC website with thousands of names coming in per minute.  This blog was getting some of the overflow traffic while the website was off and on all night because I had posted on the petition.  According to the comments, Balance, Cut, Save really struck a chord with Americans who are fed up with the Federal Government.

On Huckabee’s Fox News show this weekend he also promoted the petition and once again the names came flooding in.  As of now the petition has around 119,000 signatures and a new goal has been set for 150,000.  There has also been a twitter account and facebook page set up for the Balance, Cut, Save movement.  Please join the effort at!

3 comments so far

  1. Nate on

    “Perhaps he is the only supporter Mitt has left. (wink, wink)”

    Very funny. Just FYI our newly launched site (less than a month now) has 1600 fans on facebook: and 1400 on twitter: @RomneyCentral

    One might want to check how that compares to HA 😉

    BTW, I don’t comment on all the Romney posts, I read them but I avoid them so I don’t get kicked of HA. I comment on a lot of others forums topics though. I get a lot of good conservative news there. But before you get too flattered I also read Conservatives for Palin, among many other sites. I’ll be checking any prominent Pawlenty blog too if one pops up.

  2. MRR on

    You and the Palin people can have your facebook and twitter wars. (Because we all know that if you have a lot of “friends” on facebook and twitter that will make you an awesome POTUS. Right Barack Obama?)

    I believe that a person who has a radio slot three times a day on over 500 radio stations and a number one Fox News show being seen by about 4 million people a weekend is in as desperate need of twitter and facebook as some others (wink, wink).

  3. Nate on

    I’m not at war with anyone. Nor do I think that is what will win the nomination, or what makes a good candidate. If that were the case it would by Palin all the way. I was just disputing your claim that Romney is losing supporters.

    I can’t help but feel that you would be advising the fact the Huckabee has the most followers if he was in his situation.

    Huckabee’s show is good, I don’t think it by anyway assures him a win in 2008, but it certainly does help a ton.

    Maybe he’ll be able to turn those 4 million viewers into 4 million contributors and raise his fundraising prowess wink, wink).

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