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Huckabee Explains Stance on NY-23 Race (UPDATE)

Governor Mike Huckabee, the winner of yet another poll for the GOP nomination in 2012, explains his stance on the New York 23rd Congressional District race involving Republican Party candidate, Dede Scozzafava, and the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman.

UPDATE:  Huck PAC has just announced their endorsement of Doug Hoffman for the NY-23 Congressional race on November 3rd.

We commend Dede Scozzafava for stepping aside and in light of her very unselfish announcement, we join the RNC and other Republicans in urging support for Doug Hoffman.


Huckabee Hits the Road for His New Book “A Simple Christmas”

Governor Mike Huckabee is coming out with a new book called A Simple Christmas:  Twelve Stories That Celebrate the True Holiday Spirit on November 3rd only a year after his last book Do the Right Thing hit the top five on the New York Times Best Seller list.  This book, however, is much different from the last in that it is not a policy book but instead a people book.

“The first Christmas was a simple one. So simple that it had all the makings of a first-class disaster. It’s miracle it turned out well at all. In fact, that’s the whole point. It really was, and remains, a miracle – the greatest miracle of all time. And it really was simple.”

Huckabee recounts twelve Christmas memories – often funny, sometimes deeply moving – that range from his childhood in Arkansas to his years as a young husband and father to his time as a governor and then a presidential candidate. These true stories will help you smile, take a deep breath, and maybe slow down your own holiday treadmill.

If you’re looking for a little clarity, sanity, and inspiration at this insane time of year, you’re sure to enjoy A Simple Christmas.

Huckabee will once again be hitting the trail in an exhausting sixty city stop book signing tour in November.  Be sure to check if he is coming to a city near you.  This is the seventh book that the Governor has authored.

Is Huckabee the Next Reagan?

Kevin McCullough had a piece over at Townhall that smacked Matt Lewis back for dismissing Governor Huckabee in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination.  McCullough argued that Huckabee IS the Reagan in waiting:

And ultimately THAT is his biggest similarity to Reagan. Both were Governors, both used media to advance their message, ideas, and solutions following a failed primary in which both finished in second place. Both had the ability to reach people who had been turned off by the internal warring of partisan affairs. Both have the ability to see and project an image of America at her very best.

Notice how similar that statement is to the reason behind why I named this blog My Ronald Reagan.

Also, the new poll performed by Public Policy Polling shows that Huckabee is the strongest GOP candidate against President Obama in 2012 for the seventh consecutive time.  An article over at GOP 12 says it best:

The obvious take from this (and practically every other poll in the last few months) is that Mike Huckabee, yes, Mike Huckabee is the front-runner for the nomination, no matter how much the press tries pitting this as a Romney v Palin match.

Marco Rubio Rocks

Charlie Crist better watch his back because Marco Rubio is gaining in the polls for the Republican nomination for US Senate in Florida.

Huckabee Sweeps Latest Rasmussen Polls

Rasmussen Reports recently released polling data on prospective GOP 2012 presidential contenders and how they matched up against each other.  In a five way race for the nomination Governor Mike Huckabee leads the way with 29%, Mitt Romney is next with 24%, and Sarah Palin is third with 18%.

Rasmussen also polled the top three picks against each other in head-to-head match-ups in which Huckabee also comes out on top when polled against Romney and Palin.  He beats Romney 44% to 39% and he comes way out on top over Palin 55% to 35%.

While I don’t believe this polling predicts who the nominee will be for the Republican party in 2012, I do believe it tells us where the candidates with name recognition fall in the race leading up to the contest.

Perhaps the Republican establishment and conservative talking heads should start treating Huckabee with a little respect as they should be able to clearly see who America likes, and America likes Mike.  Perhaps Rush Limbaugh will see the light after Huckabee said this as part of his opening monologue on his show last weekend in which he defended Rush against the NFL.

Ironically, one of the most ridiculous labels thrown on me was that of a “big government liberal,” and even Rush Limbaugh said it during the presidential campaign. It certainly wasn’t good for my political career and now Rush is experiencing a bunch of lies being thrown on him and finding that it can matter.

Huckabee Endorses Kasich for Gov. of Ohio

Governor Huckabee and Huck PAC’s latest endorsement goes to a high profile Governor’s race in Ohio.  Former Congressman John Kasich was endorsed this week by Huckabee:

While a member of Congress, John repeatedly argued that government shouldn’t live beyond its means. As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, John worked to build the plan that balanced the federal budget for the first time since the late 1960’s.

John Kasich worked hard to achieve fiscal responsibility while he was in Washington, but he didn’t stop there. He also chaired the historic congressional conference committee that overhauled the welfare system. He built on his commitment to limited government and championed defense reform and worked hard to eliminate wasteful government spending by effectively building coalitions with members of both sides of the aisle.

Latest polling is very promising as it has Kasich in a dead heat with the Democratic incumbent Governor Ted Strickland. 

Yesterday Governor Huckabee kicked off his endorsement of John Kasich by doing a live interactive webcast with him in which they did a forum with Ohio’s young people and took questions from facebook and twitter.

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Mike Huckabee’s Recent Positive Media Tide

This is sort of a Friday potpourri of links.  It seems that Governor Huckabee is getting a lot of positive attention lately:

He is featured in a new book that collects wisdom of “Master Leaders.”

Steven Baldwin calls him a “knight in shining armor.” says the “future looks promising” thanks to him.

This author thinks “it just may be Huckabee’s time.”

Balance, Cut, Save Petition Gone Wild

Awhile back Governor Huckabee and Huck PAC started a Balance, Cut, and Save petition to put our elected officials on notice and to demand that they balance the budget, cut wasteful spending, and help save the American family.  The goal was to reach 100,000 signatures and until last week the grassroots effort had collected about 42,000 names.

Last Thursday Huckabee mention the petition on Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record and the response was so overwhelming that it crashed the Huck PAC website with thousands of names coming in per minute.  This blog was getting some of the overflow traffic while the website was off and on all night because I had posted on the petition.  According to the comments, Balance, Cut, Save really struck a chord with Americans who are fed up with the Federal Government.

On Huckabee’s Fox News show this weekend he also promoted the petition and once again the names came flooding in.  As of now the petition has around 119,000 signatures and a new goal has been set for 150,000.  There has also been a twitter account and facebook page set up for the Balance, Cut, Save movement.  Please join the effort at!

Huckabee on Tax System Overhaul: the Fair Tax