Huckabee’s Fundraising Challenge and His Message About the U.N.

After the Republican amendment requiring the cost analysis details of the health care bill be made available to the public 72 hours before it is voted on was stopped by Senate Democrats, Governor Huckabee issued this challenge to his supporters:

Are there 720 Republicans That Think

…That the American people should have the right to read the cost analysis of the health care bill 72 hours before the Senate votes on a $1 trillion+ bill?

Tonight, I am kicking off a 72 hour fundraiser with a goal of identifying 720 Republicans willing to make a donation before midnight Saturday.

Apparently this struck a chord because the goal was surpassed early and a total of 1174 contributions were made during this time period.

Over the weekend Huckabee also made a bold statement against the United Nations saying that although it was set up to do good it “has become the international version of ACORN, with a culture of corruption and cowardice that takes American money by the fistful and then uses its fists to beat us over the head with criticism.”  Huckabee says while America should still be represented in the U.N. we should no longer have to foot the bill for a “bloated bureaucracy” that doesn’t perform and allows madmen to roam our streets and bash our country.

His solution?  Say goodbye to the United Nations and let it go live somewhere else.

Get the jackhammers and cut it loose from the edge of the East River and float the entire block of concrete to any nation willing to put up with its collection of spoiled diplomats and willing to pay for the care and upkeep like we have. We can send a couple of people over to wherever it decides to locate to listen, but let other nations pay the freight.

I’m tired of the America bashing, whether from punk nations that use the microphones we pay for to trash us or from our own president, who needs to stop apologizing for his perception of our excesses and start acknowledging our exceptionalism.

Also, this is why I chose the name My Ronald Reagan for this blog.

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  2. grace on

    i would like to sign petition, but can’t
    get on site.

  3. paul barris on

    I too would like to sign the petetion. cant make my way thru all the junk to do it

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