Huckabee’s Response to Pres. Obama’s Health Care Address

Governor Huckabee had a bold response to President Obama’s health care address to Congress.  He does such a thorough job of summing up how Americans feel about this whole health care reform sham.  The conclusion of his response to President Obama’s speech is perhaps my favorite because it is so very true.

The President’s biggest problem last night, however, is that as he spoke last night and made so many great promises, he forgot to read what Congress is getting ready to vote on. He talked as if the process is just starting. It isn’t. We are trying to decipher 1000 page bills and 600 page bills, and no one, including the President can explain any of it.

It’s time to hit the reset button Mr. President. Let’s start all over.

What I find most important, however, is that on his blog Huckabee also made clear Huck PAC’s stance on ObamaCare.

Huck PAC will not endorse any Republican candidate that votes for the government takeover of health care. And if we have endorsed your campaign, and you vote for this monstrosity of a bill, we will revoke your endorsement immediately.

I, for one, would love to see Huckabee’s endorsement of Senator Grassley of Iowa revoked because of his waffling stance on the health care bill.


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