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Huckabee’s Fundraising Challenge and His Message About the U.N.

After the Republican amendment requiring the cost analysis details of the health care bill be made available to the public 72 hours before it is voted on was stopped by Senate Democrats, Governor Huckabee issued this challenge to his supporters:

Are there 720 Republicans That Think

…That the American people should have the right to read the cost analysis of the health care bill 72 hours before the Senate votes on a $1 trillion+ bill?

Tonight, I am kicking off a 72 hour fundraiser with a goal of identifying 720 Republicans willing to make a donation before midnight Saturday.

Apparently this struck a chord because the goal was surpassed early and a total of 1174 contributions were made during this time period.

Over the weekend Huckabee also made a bold statement against the United Nations saying that although it was set up to do good it “has become the international version of ACORN, with a culture of corruption and cowardice that takes American money by the fistful and then uses its fists to beat us over the head with criticism.”  Huckabee says while America should still be represented in the U.N. we should no longer have to foot the bill for a “bloated bureaucracy” that doesn’t perform and allows madmen to roam our streets and bash our country.

His solution?  Say goodbye to the United Nations and let it go live somewhere else.

Get the jackhammers and cut it loose from the edge of the East River and float the entire block of concrete to any nation willing to put up with its collection of spoiled diplomats and willing to pay for the care and upkeep like we have. We can send a couple of people over to wherever it decides to locate to listen, but let other nations pay the freight.

I’m tired of the America bashing, whether from punk nations that use the microphones we pay for to trash us or from our own president, who needs to stop apologizing for his perception of our excesses and start acknowledging our exceptionalism.

Also, this is why I chose the name My Ronald Reagan for this blog.


Haley Barbour and Michael Reagan Do Not Speak for Me

Oh the glory of living in a battleground state that holds the First in the Nation Caucuses.  It seems the GOP is laying some ground work in Iowa to prepare for the 2012 primary season.  Iowa really isn’t seeing a whole lot of presidential contenders right now but we are getting a lot of advice about who we should vote for, what principles to leave behind, and the importance of party unity.  (Notice there was no discussion about advancing the Republican party platform in there.)

The lead off batter for the GOP this summer was Governor of Mississippi and head of the Republican Governors Association, Haley Barbour.  He came to speak at a fundraiser and was he was giving a rock solid speech until he uttered this:

“There are tens of millions of pro-choice Republicans that are just as good Republicans as I am, and we need to support them,” he said, adding: “That’s what party building is about, and don’t think that is giving up your principles.”

So, the Governor from one of the most pro-life states in the country thinks that giving up your principles is not giving up your principles.

Next up to bat in Iowa for the GOP a few weeks ago was our favorite President’s son, Michael Reagan, who also spoke at a fundraiser with the image of a big tent in the horizon.  What the image of this big tent includes is mainly letting go of those issues that we can’t agree on (i.e. the social issues) in favor of party unity.  Hmmmm………..I wonder what Barbour and Reagan would say to welcoming those big government Republicans into the fold for the sake of the party even if we don’t agree with them.  I already know the answer.

I don’t know who the third batter will be for the GOP in Iowa but I already know what their message will be.  As for me, I choose principle over party and I think that the winner of the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit 2012 straw poll sums it up best.

And if you think about it, there have been so very many who have told us that what we need to do as conservatives is to abandon some of these attitudes toward the sanctity of life and traditional marriage and free enterprise, just move to the center.

Well, I’m not sure that moving to the center makes a whole lot of sense, especially when the advice is coming from people who certainly don’t have ours or the country’s best interest at heart.


Governor Huckabee Wins Big in Values Voter Summit 2012 Straw Poll

Governor Mike Huckabee and many other conservatives spoke at the Values Voter Summit sponsored by Family Research Council Action in Washington DC over the weekend.  His critics have claimed that Huckabee may be losing his base support among values voters and Christian conservatives due to new faces, such as Governor Sarah Palin, but the straw poll conducted during the event demonstrates otherwise. 

Governor Huckabee won the straw poll for choice of 2012 Republican nominee with 29% of the vote and more than doubled the second place finisher, Mitt Romney.  He also got more votes that his two biggest competitors, Romney and Palin, combined.

Here is the breakdown of the voting:

Mike Huckabee 170 votes – 28.5%
Mitt Romney 74 votes – 12.4%
Tim Pawlenty 73 votes – 12.2%
Sarah Palin 72 votes – 12.1%
Mike Pence 71 votes – 11.9%
Newt Gingrich 40 votes – 6.7%
Bobby Jindal 28 votes – 4.7%
Rick Santorum 15 votes – 2.5%
Ron Paul 13 votes – 2.2%
Undecided 31 votes – 5.2%
Other 10 votes – 1.7%

This graph shows the breakdown of the percentages.

To watch Governor Huckabee’s speech at the VVS please go here.

Huckabee’s Response to Pres. Obama’s Health Care Address

Governor Huckabee had a bold response to President Obama’s health care address to Congress.  He does such a thorough job of summing up how Americans feel about this whole health care reform sham.  The conclusion of his response to President Obama’s speech is perhaps my favorite because it is so very true.

The President’s biggest problem last night, however, is that as he spoke last night and made so many great promises, he forgot to read what Congress is getting ready to vote on. He talked as if the process is just starting. It isn’t. We are trying to decipher 1000 page bills and 600 page bills, and no one, including the President can explain any of it.

It’s time to hit the reset button Mr. President. Let’s start all over.

What I find most important, however, is that on his blog Huckabee also made clear Huck PAC’s stance on ObamaCare.

Huck PAC will not endorse any Republican candidate that votes for the government takeover of health care. And if we have endorsed your campaign, and you vote for this monstrosity of a bill, we will revoke your endorsement immediately.

I, for one, would love to see Huckabee’s endorsement of Senator Grassley of Iowa revoked because of his waffling stance on the health care bill.

Sign the Balance, Cut, Save Petition

Do you agree with Mike Huckabee?

To President Barack Obama, Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Members of Congress:

The Constitution starts with “WE THE PEOPLE”. Our Leaders seem to have forgotten that phrase.

American families on a daily basis make hard choices in order to live within their means.

Why can’t Congress and our federal government do the same?

I urge you to work towards balancing the budget.

I urge you to cut our taxes so families can save more and to cut the wasteful spending that is mortgaging the future of generations of Americans and severely limiting their ability to prosper.

Instead of your own re-election, put families in your district and state first.

I am signing this simple: “BALANCE, CUT, SAVE” petition because I believe it is these three things that you should remember when making decisions about new spending, taxes and health care in the weeks ahead.

If you stick to these guiding lights, you can’t go wrong.

Mr. President and members of Congress, I’ve kept it simple for you:


That’s what should guide you in your decisions in the week’s ahead. My family can’t afford the decisions you are making on my behalf so I am signing this petition to remind you of what is important:

My Family, My Country And My Freedom.

Thank you and God Bless America!

If you also believe this go to and sign the petition.