Huckabee’s Challenge: What Did I Say that Wasn’t True?

Last Week on his ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report the Governor called out Democrats for politicizing Senator Ted Kennedy’s death by using it to push the health care bill through and he also pointed out that the Senator was a “shining example” of why the bill was a bad idea.  This statement outraged the left even though Huckabee honored the Senator’s fight for life and thought that all people should have the same opportunity that Kennedy had to treat his illness (which they wouldn’t have under ObamaCare).

Huckabee came back at his critics on his own Fox News show this past weekend and challenged George Stephanopoulos, Time magazine, The Huffington Post and scores of liberal bloggers to actually listen to his radio commentary on the subject and then watch President Obama’s own comments about end of life care.  Huckabee then challenges them to find something he said that wasn’t true.

 Do you think any of them will take him up on his challenge?

By the way, Mike Huckabee has been anything but disrespectful to Senator Kennedy.

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