10,000 Calls for Bob McDonnell in Virginia!

mcdonnell_huckabee1_webOn Saturday, August 22, Team Huck members from across America hosted house parties in order to make phone calls for Huck PAC endorsed candidate Bob McDonnell who is the Republican running for Virginia Governor.  The goal for the day was to make 10,000 phone calls for McDonnell in order to recognize supporters for GOTV in November.  The house parties, along with individual members making calls on their own, surpassed the 10,000 goal.  It looks like Mike Huckabee’s grassroots support is alive and well.

In addition to his PAC activities, Huckabee has returned home recently from a trip from Israel.  There is an interesting first person account of his trip from someone who toured with the Governor.

Huckabee also continues to voice his oppostion to President Obama’s plan to reform health care.  For the last two months his closing comments on his Fox News show, Huckabee, have addressed this issue with the two best being “Doctors Should Make a Lot of Money” and “Why Government-Run Health Care is a Bad Idea.”  He has also kept Americans informed on the health care debate on his Huck PAC website with videos which covers subjects such as elective abortions, the number of uninsured, and how this plan will affect small businesses.

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