Team Huck Full Force Behind Bob McDonnell

Huck PAC endorsed candidate Bob McDonnell who is the Republican running for Governor of Virginia in November is reaping the benefits of being backed by Governor Mike Huckabee.  The nationwide grassroots organization of Huck PAC which is present in all fifty states, Team Huck, will be making 10,000 calls into Virgina on behalf of McDonnell on August 22nd.  Some volunteers are also hosting Huck PAC house parties in order to get the phone calling completed.  (There are over thirty house parties across America currently planned.)

While Huck PAC has lagged behind its rivals in fundraising it is interesting to see how they use the immense grassroots support that they have to assist candidates which is not characteristic of a normal PAC, however, nothing about Huckabee and his shocking rise to the top is characteristic of any other politician.  It seems that Huck PAC is not a cookie cut out PAC but instead utilizing its one of a kind asset:  the power of the people.

Find out more about the Huck PAC house parties here and learn about the Team Huck volunteers who have individually pledged to make fifty calls for Bob McDonnell here.  You can also donate to help the efforts of Huck PAC and Team Huck.


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