Governor Huckabee’s Update from Israel

Setting the record straight on facebook and his blog:

Another Update from Israel

by Mike Huckabee

Don’t minimize the idea that some in the left wing of the press are capable of completely making something up. Some of the headlines from my visit to israel have screamed “Huckabee bashes America in Israel.”. That is not just inaccurate–it is a purposed lie. I have extolled the virtues of the USA at every stop and in every comment, but have stated a position that I have stated for many years–during both republican and democratic administrations–that jerusalem should be a united city. I have not bashed America! I haven’t even bashed Obama’s anti-Israel and promise breaking policy and I have certainly had the opportunity. I have expressed my view consistently wherever I am and don’t say different things depending on who I am talking to.

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