Huckabee Taking a Stand Against Obama in Israel

After the taping of his Fox News show on Saturday Governor Mike Huckabee left on his eleventh trip to Israel.  One of his first stops on his visit was a reception at the Shepherd’s Hotel in east Jerusalem and this stop will be part of a larger tour around the country that is going to highlight opposition to recent US policies, in particular President Obama’s demands that Israel halt construction on settlements in east Jerusalem.  Organizers of this trip said that Huckabee was currently the No. 1 Republican consideration for the 2012 presidential race, and “one of the best friends Israel has in America.”  Before and after the event at the hotel there were protests from left-wing activists which drew a strong response from the rightists who were there supporting Govenor Huckabee’s visit and message.

During his tour today Huckabee also had this to say in regards to the Obama administration’s choice to dictate who can live where in Jerusalem and compared it to racial segregation.

“My question is how would the government of the United States feel if Prime Minister Netanyahu began to dictate which people could live in the Bronx, which ones could live in Manhattan, and which could live in Queens,’” he said. Huckabee spoke with reporters as he toured the remains of the ancient Jewish City of David (Ir David) in eastern Jerusalem Monday.

Governor Huckabee finished up his day in Israel today with a blog post highlighting his attendance at the hotel reception and the media frenzy around it.  He will be updating often on his blog, facebook, and twitter.  In addition, there has also been word that a twelfth trip to Israel is being planned by Huckabee and he is inviting people to come along.


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