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Huckabee’s Challenge: What Did I Say that Wasn’t True?

Last Week on his ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report the Governor called out Democrats for politicizing Senator Ted Kennedy’s death by using it to push the health care bill through and he also pointed out that the Senator was a “shining example” of why the bill was a bad idea.  This statement outraged the left even though Huckabee honored the Senator’s fight for life and thought that all people should have the same opportunity that Kennedy had to treat his illness (which they wouldn’t have under ObamaCare).

Huckabee came back at his critics on his own Fox News show this past weekend and challenged George Stephanopoulos, Time magazine, The Huffington Post and scores of liberal bloggers to actually listen to his radio commentary on the subject and then watch President Obama’s own comments about end of life care.  Huckabee then challenges them to find something he said that wasn’t true.

 Do you think any of them will take him up on his challenge?

By the way, Mike Huckabee has been anything but disrespectful to Senator Kennedy.


Tour Israel with Mike Huckabee

Governor Mike Huckabee will be returning to Israel for the twelfth time in February and he is inviting Americans to come along.  This was included in the email that he sent to supporters:

This February I am headed back again my wife Janet, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel and Congressman Bob McEwen and anyone interested in seeing the Holy Land. This will be one of the most unique trips I have ever put together as it will not only include the biblical points of interests, but it also will provide a unique insight on the political and governmental aspects of the State of Israel, including an international town hall with government officials from Israel.

Please visit here if you are interested in attending Huckabee’s inclusive tour and town hall in Israel.  Space is limited.

Huckabee Addresses the Cost of Health Care Reform

Please learn more at

10,000 Calls for Bob McDonnell in Virginia!

mcdonnell_huckabee1_webOn Saturday, August 22, Team Huck members from across America hosted house parties in order to make phone calls for Huck PAC endorsed candidate Bob McDonnell who is the Republican running for Virginia Governor.  The goal for the day was to make 10,000 phone calls for McDonnell in order to recognize supporters for GOTV in November.  The house parties, along with individual members making calls on their own, surpassed the 10,000 goal.  It looks like Mike Huckabee’s grassroots support is alive and well.

In addition to his PAC activities, Huckabee has returned home recently from a trip from Israel.  There is an interesting first person account of his trip from someone who toured with the Governor.

Huckabee also continues to voice his oppostion to President Obama’s plan to reform health care.  For the last two months his closing comments on his Fox News show, Huckabee, have addressed this issue with the two best being “Doctors Should Make a Lot of Money” and “Why Government-Run Health Care is a Bad Idea.”  He has also kept Americans informed on the health care debate on his Huck PAC website with videos which covers subjects such as elective abortions, the number of uninsured, and how this plan will affect small businesses.

Team Huck Full Force Behind Bob McDonnell

Huck PAC endorsed candidate Bob McDonnell who is the Republican running for Governor of Virginia in November is reaping the benefits of being backed by Governor Mike Huckabee.  The nationwide grassroots organization of Huck PAC which is present in all fifty states, Team Huck, will be making 10,000 calls into Virgina on behalf of McDonnell on August 22nd.  Some volunteers are also hosting Huck PAC house parties in order to get the phone calling completed.  (There are over thirty house parties across America currently planned.)

While Huck PAC has lagged behind its rivals in fundraising it is interesting to see how they use the immense grassroots support that they have to assist candidates which is not characteristic of a normal PAC, however, nothing about Huckabee and his shocking rise to the top is characteristic of any other politician.  It seems that Huck PAC is not a cookie cut out PAC but instead utilizing its one of a kind asset:  the power of the people.

Find out more about the Huck PAC house parties here and learn about the Team Huck volunteers who have individually pledged to make fifty calls for Bob McDonnell here.  You can also donate to help the efforts of Huck PAC and Team Huck.

Huckabee Closing the Gap on Obama!

From Public Policy Polling:

Obama still leading 2012 contests, but Huck getting closer


Raleigh, N.C. – Public Policy Polling’s fifth monthly survey looking at how Barack

Obama does when matched up against possible 2012 opponents reaches the same key

conclusions all of the other polls did: Obama leads all comers, and Mike Huckabee is the

strongest Republican at this point.

In this month’s iteration of the survey Huckabee polls the closest to Obama of any match

up so far, trailing the President just 47-44. A month ago the spread was 48-42.

Newt Gingrich comes the next closest, trailing 49-41, followed by Mitt Romney at 47-40

and Sarah Palin at 52-38.

In addition to coming the closest to Obama, Huckabee also has the best favorability

rating of the group. 45% of voters have a positive opinion of him to just 28%

unfavorable. The other Republican with a net positive rating, at 37/34, is Mitt Romney.

A plurality of voters have a negative opinion of both Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. For

the former Alaska Governor it’s 49% unfavorable to 40% favorable, and for the one time

Speaker of the House it’s 42% unfavorable to 33% favorable.

“Mike Huckabee has received a lot less attention in the context of 2012 than Sarah Palin

and Mitt Romney,” said Dean Debnam. “But he’s quietly, at this very early stage,

emerging as the strongest GOP alternative to Barack Obama.”

Last month’s survey had found Obama leading Huckabee by 6, Palin and Gingrich by 8,

and Romney by 9.

PPP conducted a national survey of 909 voters from August 14th to 17th. The survey’s

margin of error is +/-3.3%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and

weighting, may introduce additional error that is more difficult to quantify.

Complete results are attached and can be found at

Governor Huckabee’s Update from Israel

Setting the record straight on facebook and his blog:

Another Update from Israel

by Mike Huckabee

Don’t minimize the idea that some in the left wing of the press are capable of completely making something up. Some of the headlines from my visit to israel have screamed “Huckabee bashes America in Israel.”. That is not just inaccurate–it is a purposed lie. I have extolled the virtues of the USA at every stop and in every comment, but have stated a position that I have stated for many years–during both republican and democratic administrations–that jerusalem should be a united city. I have not bashed America! I haven’t even bashed Obama’s anti-Israel and promise breaking policy and I have certainly had the opportunity. I have expressed my view consistently wherever I am and don’t say different things depending on who I am talking to.

Huckabee Taking a Stand Against Obama in Israel

After the taping of his Fox News show on Saturday Governor Mike Huckabee left on his eleventh trip to Israel.  One of his first stops on his visit was a reception at the Shepherd’s Hotel in east Jerusalem and this stop will be part of a larger tour around the country that is going to highlight opposition to recent US policies, in particular President Obama’s demands that Israel halt construction on settlements in east Jerusalem.  Organizers of this trip said that Huckabee was currently the No. 1 Republican consideration for the 2012 presidential race, and “one of the best friends Israel has in America.”  Before and after the event at the hotel there were protests from left-wing activists which drew a strong response from the rightists who were there supporting Govenor Huckabee’s visit and message.

During his tour today Huckabee also had this to say in regards to the Obama administration’s choice to dictate who can live where in Jerusalem and compared it to racial segregation.

“My question is how would the government of the United States feel if Prime Minister Netanyahu began to dictate which people could live in the Bronx, which ones could live in Manhattan, and which could live in Queens,’” he said. Huckabee spoke with reporters as he toured the remains of the ancient Jewish City of David (Ir David) in eastern Jerusalem Monday.

Governor Huckabee finished up his day in Israel today with a blog post highlighting his attendance at the hotel reception and the media frenzy around it.  He will be updating often on his blog, facebook, and twitter.  In addition, there has also been word that a twelfth trip to Israel is being planned by Huckabee and he is inviting people to come along.

Huckabee Answers Healthcare Reform Questions

One of the things that I believe to be one of Governor Huckabee’s greatest strengths and also puts him head and shoulders above other politicians is his ability to communicate.  He can state his message in such a way that Americans understand what it means to them in their neck of the woods.  The meaning of his messages never change but he can adapt his explanations to hit home to those listening.

He uses his gift of communication in this video where he explains the part of President Obama’s healthcare reform that deals with the number of the uninsured.

Please visit to get involved in the fight to bring conservative principles back.

Mike Huckabee “I Am Second”

This is an amazing testimony from Governor Mike Huckabee.