Huckabee’s Thoughts on ObamaCare Keep Him in the Spotlight

It is hard to believe but Fox News actually mentioned this past weekend the Washington Post-ABC News Poll for choice of Republican nominee in 2012 that Huckabee topped by five points.  Maybe when his success is so much in your face they have to address it since he is employed there and has the number one cable news show on the weekends.

In the latest Fox News Dynamics Poll Mike Huckabee is once again at the top in a statistical tie.  This is great news with so much time before the 2012 campaign kicks off which leaves him plenty of air time on both his TV show and his ABC Radio show The Huckabee Report to state his platform and gain more loyal supporters.

The opening comments he had on his Fox News show Huckabee about the Obama health care proposal and its plan to limit doctor’s pay struck a nerve with America.  I haven’t heard too many other 2012 Republican prospects speak out like this against ObamaCare but perhaps that is because RomneyCare in Massachusetts is the blueprint that the President is following.

I want my doctor to make good money. I want him or her to be the smartest kid in his class, not the average. I want my doctor to enjoy being a doctor, and don’t want the doctor coming into the operating room worrying about paying the rent, but thinking of how to keep me healthy enough so I can pay my own rent. If we keep talking about limiting doctor salaries, we might get people who really aren’t that good, but they were willing to do the job at a discount.

I don’t care if Oprah made $275 million last year or if Kobe Bryant brought down $45 million. But if a member of my family has a brain tumor, I don’t want Oprah or Kobe doing the operation. I want the best neurosurgeon I can find, and I won’t be looking for the low bidder or seeing if there is a coupon in the paper for 10% off the cost. I want someone who has worked real hard to know what he’s doing and does it well. And if he’s really, really good at it, he’ll still only make about a penny for each dollar that Oprah makes.

If one of the results of the government fixing health care is to encourage the smart people to do what Oprah does and the dumb people to become doctors, then thanks, but no thanks. I need a good doctor a lot more than I need Oprah. And I want my doctor to make a lot of money.

Read Huckabee’s complete remarks here.

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