Huckabee Blasts Democrats Health Care “Reform”

Last presidential primary season Governor Huckabee set himself apart from his Republican rivals by focusing on preventative care to help bring down the cost of health care.  He now has not held back and is one of the leading voices against President Obama’s and the Democrat’s new health care plan that they are desperately trying to shove through Congress.

He first released a post on Huck PAC about the issue that stated Humpty Dumpty could not be put back together again.  He also gives insight on how he would fix the health care system make it more affordable.

No, preventative health care measures won’t reduce the cost of health care, at least for a generation, but it is a necessary step. We must also take steps to reduce the costs of employer provided health care. Our businesses can’t compete in a global market when they face demands from employees for more and more coverage without any regard for the costs. That is simply human nature – when a person isn’t paying for something, they want the very best they can get. I believe that we must transition from an employer based system to a consumer based system.

His next shot at ObamaCare was on his Fox News show this past weekend in which he makes it clear what a government run health care system would do to our country.

The bill creates both a new government-run system and a new mandate requiring almost all employers either to provide health care or pay a big fat tax. President Obama says if you like your insurance, you can keep it. But how can you keep something that no longer exists?

Many employers will decide it’s cheaper and easier to pay the tax, forcing their employees onto the government plan. For those who still have private insurance, the government will just undercut those private plans by subsidizing the government plan and taking away the tax advantage of a private, employer plan. The government plan will be the only game in town.

Those bureaucrats who will make your medical decisions probably won’t love your grandmother or your newborn in neo-natal intensive care as much as you do.

Almost half of the uninsured either qualify for existing government programs, but haven’t enrolled, or they can comfortably afford insurance, but choose not to buy it.

Some are illegals you’ll get to pay for. The rest of the uninsured are less than 10 percent of our population. Why not bring them onboard, instead of throwing all of us over the side? Why destroy a system that works for more than nine out of 10 Americans?

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