Governor Huckabee’s Interview at the Reagan Library

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  2. LarryJackson on

    Mike Huckabee said something at the last of the interview that really rings true. So many people try to define what Ronald Reagan stood for and who he really was. Instead of listening to all of the rhetoric about Reagan, we need to listen to the man himself. He truly is his best spokesman and that is why he was so successful at selling the conservative cause to the American people.

  3. Nate on

    I’d like to comment concerning your post at Huck’s Army linked to above. I’m commenting here because I can’t at HA.

    I take issue when you call me, along with others flat out liars concerning Romney’s record. I have studied his record for 3 years now. I examined ALL of the stones you have thrown at him in accusations to gay marriage, $50 abortions, and “nationalized health-care”. I am not calling you a liar because you clearly believe all you are saying. But I will openly declare that people will believe what they WANT to believe. I’m sure I’m also guilty of this in some degree or another.

    I will offer only one counter-point to your claims. We will then see if you will recognize truth or if you will continue spouting false claims that Romney is responsible for millions of tax funded abortions.

    FACT: The Massachusetts Health Plan Benefits Package Was Developed By The Connector Authority – An Independent Body Separate From The Governor’s Office. Unfortunately, Under State Law And Court Precedent, If The State Is Funding Health Care Benefits It Cannot Refuse To Provide Abortion Coverage:

    The Commonwealth Care Package Is Designed And Administered By The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority. “The Connector administers two separate programs; Commonwealth Care and Commonwealth Choice. Commonwealth Care offers subsidized insurance to people whose annual incomes are up to 300% or the Federal Poverty Level.” (Commonwealth Connector Official Website,, Accessed 2/5/07)

    The Commonwealth Heath Insurance Connector Authority Is An Independent Public Authority And Their Decisions Were Made Separate Of The Romney Administration. “The Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority is an independent public authority created to implement significant portions of the new landmark health care reform legislation. The Connector assists qualified Massachusetts adult residents with the purchase of affordable health care coverage if they don’t already have it.” (Commonwealth Connector Official Website,, Accessed 2/5/07)

    In 1981, The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Ruled That The State Constitution Required Payment For Abortion Services For Medicaid-Eligible Women. (Moe v. Secretary of Admin & Finance, 1981)

    According To The Decision, When A State Subsidizes Medical Care, It Cannot Infringe On “The Exercise Of A Fundamental Right” Which The Court Interpreted As Access To Medically Necessary Abortion Services. (Moe v. Secretary of Admin & Finance, 1981)

    In 1997, The Supreme Judicial Court Reaffirmed Its Position That A State-Subsidized Plan Must Offer “Medically Necessary Abortions.” (Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Inc. v. Attorney General, 1997)

    Did Romney’s healthcare plan legislate $50 abortions. No. It was already a part Massachusetts law (by Court precendent) long before Romney came to the scene. I will be watching to see if you possibly have a rebuttal, or if you will change your rhetoric. Who knows, you might actually do the honorable thing and actually make reparations to those you’ve mislead? I won’t hold my breath.

    • MRR on

      First of all, thank you for visiting the Huck’s Army Forum and giving the link to the readers of my blog. Also, I will post your comment over there since you cannot do it.

      The Mass. Connector is not a legitimate branch of government; no “independent body” is. Romney is soley responsible for establishing the 50 dollar co-pay provision. Also, there was a court opinion that said that “medically necessary” abortions needed to be covered by medicare. But there was never a law that subsidized abortions. Ever. Court opinions are not laws. Just like the court opinion that “forced” him to issue gay marriage licenses. The Mass. Constitution forbids courts from making law and it was written by John Adams himself.

      Maybe in your three years of studying this one-term Governor you should have looked at if he as any knowledge of the Constitution, the three branches of government, and the Republican party platform.

  4. Nate on

    I don’t think you are in position to lecture Governor Romney on the constitution. Nor do I think Gregg Jackson is. In fact Jackson is subtly deceptive when he says that Judicial Courts don’t write law, they just give their opinions. That is true, but terribly misleading. When a court makes a decision, that is a mandate. A court opinion is often accompanied with the ruling and it lays out the rationale and legal principles for the ruling. It’s true that the court doesn’t make law, but Jackson’s assertion (and yours as well) that it is merely opinion is ridiculous. Courts decide what is (supposedly) constitutional, we must then abide by their decisions. Do you you realize that there was a court opinion given in Roe v Wade as well? Roe v Wade is not “law”, as you say, nor was it ever, but we all deal with the rulings consequences. Here are the “opinions” of the two cases cited previously: Moe vs. Secretary of Administration and Finance, and Planned Parenthood vs. AG Read the opinions that accompanied the ruling for yourself and see if it sounds like an “opinion” or “mandate”. I think you find that Jackson is wrong.

    This brings me to another point in which falsely place blame on Romney. Courts decide what is constitutional and make rulings. The governor is an executor. It is his responsibility to uphold (execute) the rulings of the court, regardless of his feelings on the decision. To not do so is a violation of his oath of office. You and others constantly falsely accuse Romney implementing things that he was not required to. You are the ones that are mistaken in regards to the functions of the different branches of government. Can you imagine how out of line an executive would be if he decided to pick and choose which laws and court rulings he will uphold? It draws too much power to that person, and is clearly in violation of the constitution and yes, even the MA constitution, which you correctly stated was written by John Adams.

    Is it true that courts have activist judges that legislate from the bench? YES, and it is wrong. In all of your Romney research you probably haven’t noted the dozens of times that Romney decried activist judges and highly criticized that MA Supreme Court for effectively “passing legislation”. (Just few examples: 1,,2,3.)

    Now, concerning the Commonwealth Connector. You are absolutely right that it is not a branch of government. But then let me ask you, is it law that abortions only cost $50? Just as you are correcting me that there is no law that says state subsidized health insurance must cover “medically necessary” abortions, there is no law that says the state now covers abortions for only $50. Let’s be consistent in our rhetoric, ie. it is false to say Romney signed into law $50 abortions. No, what Romney did sign into law was that an ““health care and quality council”” would be established with the goal to “promote high-quality, safe, effective, timely, efficient, equitable and patient-centered health care,” and that that council “may contract with an independent health care organization.” This group, the Commonwealth Connector, is who decided that abortions would be covered, without regard to whether is was “medically necessary” LONG AFTER the bill was signed into law.

    Detractors claim that Romney “did nothing to prevent prohibit tax payer funded abortions in his plan”, THAT’S BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT A PART OF HIS PLAN. Abortion was not the issue being dealt with here, it was health-care. In fact the word abortion is not even mentioned once in the 39,000 word document which is now law. In fact, to alter the law concerning abortion would have been in violation of his campaign promise to not change the law in any way in regards to abortion. He stayed true to that promise also when he “Vetoed Legislation That Would Have Provided For The “Morning After Pill” Without A Prescription”. I highly recommend reading Romney’s Op-Ed in the Boston Globe on 7-26-2005 called “Why I Vetoed Contraception Bill”. You will learn a lot more of his character and his position in regards to abortion in 5 minutes than you will in a lifetime of listening to Gregg Jackson.

  5. Nate on

    Could you post the following in response to cschande post on the forum:

    cshande: Though I don’t agree with you arguments, yours so far are the most reasonable. It is not correct, in fact it is misleading, to say that Romney signed into law $50 abortion. Unfortunately this has been repeated so many times that people actually think it’s true.

    I do have response to a few of the points you quoted above that aren’t entirely correct.

    #6: Half of the “the independent body” that decided on abortions was not selected by Romney. Romney selected half of the members of a council. (though he had to select from very specific groups as outlined in the legislation, none of the these were “at large” selections) This council later contracted (as directed by the legislation) with the independent group later to be known as the Commonwealth Connector. THIS group, far removed from Romney’s administration, is who dictated the costs and procedures included in the insurance policies.

    #7: Again this is not entirely correct. Planned Parenthood had an one automatic seat on an appointed “advisory board” that had 13 members. This advisory board is not the aforementioned “council” nor the “independent agency”. Also of note is this group IS NOT who determined that MA would ultimately provide abortion for copay. Further note is that Romney only got select 2 members of this advisory board, again from very specific health organizations.

    #9: For Romney to seek such a provision would have been in campaign promise to have a “moratorium” on abortion laws in Massachusetts, and as there was no change in the law in regards to abortion it would have been presumption to think that the state would actually provide on demand abortion for copay. If it were, he would have certainly vetoed the provision.

    Please check Iowans Rock’s blog for a more thorough rebuttal to the claims that Romney is any way responsible for copay abortions.

  6. Nate on

    Thanks for posting my comments.

  7. Brannon on

    Looks like the Romneybot that attempted to rebut Jackson’s airtight proof that Romney and Romney alone was responsible for establishing abortions with a $50 co-pay as a “healthcare beneift” in his “healthcare plan” (Commonwealth Care)since “independent commissions” don’t possess the constitutional authority to make or enforce any laws.

    These Romneybots don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Pathetic how they can be so drunk on the Romney Kool Aid to try to dispute Romney’s far left wing record which includes the fact that as governor of Massachusetts, Romney:

    • Established abortion with a $50 co pay as a “healthcare benefit” (AFTER his supposed “pro life conversion”) in his socialist healthcare plan that was endorsed by Hillary, Teddy K, and Planned Parenthood falsely claiming that a previous 1981 court opinion obligated him to do so.
    • Appointed a Planned Parenthood member to his healthcare advisory board (AFTER his supposed “pro-life conversion”) and no pro-life appointed representative.
    • Illegally instituted same sex “marriage” without an accompanying legal statute to fulfill an earlier promise to the Log Cabin Republicans not to oppose same sex “marriage” in return for their endorsement? (There was no “court order” as Romney has falsely asserted as you know.)
    • Boosted government funding for pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren, and refused to order his education officials to enforce parents’ legal right to protect their own children from unwanted indoctrination about homosexuality.
    • Lied about a non-existent state law and illegally and unconstitutionally forced Catholic Charities to place foster and adoptive children with homosexual couples or go out of business (which they ultimately did).
    • Forced Catholic Hospitals to provide the abortion pill claiming that he was required by law to do so even though Mike Dukakis admitted there was no law that existed which required Romney to do so.
    • Opposes a ban on homosexual scoutmasters.
    • Favored and still Favors sexual orientation “anti-discrimination” laws for homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders.
    • Opposed the Bush Tax Cuts.
    • Raised taxes and fees by over $900 million as governor which has destroyed the Massachusetts economy.
    • Implemented a socialist healthcare plan endorsed by Planned Parenthood that in the words of the Wall St. Journal is in “intensive care” whose costs are estimated to more than double and which the Cato Institute and Boston Globe has said is a total failure.

    As President John Adams once famously said, “facts are stubborn things.”

    Indeed they are.

  8. Nate on

    I stated facts with references to back up what I’ve said. I even showed where Jackson’s argument in fool proof, and again gave links.

    You on the other hand choose to state “facts” without any references to back up. You provided no counter argument to dispute my points. Instead, you regurgitate “facts” and seek to drive them home with childish name-calling and insulting phrases like “Romneybot”, pathetic, drunk on kool-aid.

    Tell me. Did you read any of the links I provided? If your only source is Gregg Jackson I just don’t buy it. You are relying on someone else to do your homework for you. I actually looked up the laws (and posted them) read the verbiage myself. (Apparently something Jackson didn’t do because his facts were a little mixed up, as I showed in the post above.) You my friend are simply spouting of statements from others, simply because you WANT to believe them.

    I have heard many, many negative things about Huckabee. Have I ever repeated them? No. Not unless I’ve looked into them myself. I never go around posting on blogs or forums that Huckabee is the sole reason that Carol Sue Shields was killed by Wayne Dumond. But if I used your logic I could. The problem is that it wouldn’t be intellectually honest.

    You are free to believe what you want and pick and choose which things you will hold as facts. But, don’t pretend for a second that you have the market cornered on truth.

    Facts are indeed stubborn things. You better make darn sure you get them straight.

    I’ve got one fact for you: You do Huckabee no justice by name-calling or insinuating that you are the only one with a brain and that anyone who likes Romney is a moron. It makes Huckabee supporters look petty and childish. Though I know they are not, many other won’t recognize the difference between you and someone else who more sensible.

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