Iowa’s Bob Vander Plaats is Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris Approved

Last week Governor Mike Huckabee was in Iowa to formally endorse his 2008 state campaign chair, Bob Vander Plaats, for Iowa Governor.  The event turned out a large number of supporters and gave a huge financial boost to the Vander Plaats Campaign.  I am one of the Iowa Team Huck State Coordinators and I volunteered my time to help with this amazing event.

During his speech Huckabee stressed Vander Plaats’ deep convictions on conservative  issues that will not be affected according to which way the wind blows.  He said that Vander Plaats is not a “convenient conservative” but a conservative who lives and breaths those priciples in his everyday life and will advance them as Governor.  This is especially important in the state of Iowa where activist judges unconstitutionally legalized same-sex marriage.  Huckabee made a point to say that Vander Plaats understands the constitution and the separation of powers and will be a Governor who leads in all issues facing Iowans.  Vander Plaats is a former school principal and businessman.  Huckabee also pointed out that Vander Plaats knows how to sign the front of a check and not just the back of one.

Critics have been quick to wonder why Governor Huckabee has stuck his neck out in a primary which may lead to opposition from his party if he runs for president in 2012, but he was quick to point out that wondering what is in it for yourself is what is wrong with politics today.

First of all, if people begrudge me because I am loyal to a friend, then they need to begrudge me — because to me there are things that are more important than political consequences.

Because he believed in what I stood for, and I believe in what he stands for. I don’t think it hurts to stand with a guy like Bob Vander Plaats. But if it does, then let it hurt.

Mike Huckabee is not the only one on the national scene to throw his support behind Bob Vander Plaats for Iowa Governor.  Chuck Norris also came out with an endorsement of him in his Human Events article.

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