Huckabee: Don’t Apologize for America, Thank God for It

This past weekend on Governor Huckabee’s Fox News show he gave a stunning opening monologue in which he responded to President Obama’s speech in Cairo.  It was respectful but yet very powerful in opposition to what the President said.

This was the week of President Obama’s excellent adventure to the Middle East and his long and long-awaited speech on Islam delivered in Cairo.

In the spirit of being “fair and balanced,” there were some commendable things in the speech, such as the bold appeal to Muslim leaders to open up education and personal opportunities to women.

But there were some stunning attitudes and policies revealed……

Read the rest of the monologue here.

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  1. Teresa Rice on

    I love Mike Huckabee’s response and analysis of President Obama’s speech!!! There were muslims who brought terrorism to the United States on September 11, 2001. The United States did not bring terrorism to Muslims. The United States has helped countries with Muslims living in them in the past and continue to do that today, even after Sept.11. The United States in defending itself went into both Afghanistan and Iraq. In the process the U.S. troops have brought peace and freedom to Iraqis who had neither while living under the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein. So, I say: Mr. President please show and express that you are proud of the United States of America and stop apologizing for things that need no apology.

  2. rich on

    I would have loved for Huck to have had an opportunity to debate the the “CHANGE-ling” president obama – preferably with the teleprompters chained in a corner…
    Some say it’s a case of “sour-grapes”
    I think it’s more like getting sold a dozen of rotten eggs.

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