Governor Huckabee Returns to Iowa

Huckabee 2008 IowaSince winning the Iowa Caucuses Governing Mike Huckabee has been showing his love for our state.  He was the keynote speaker at the state Republican convention and the Iowa Family Policy Center fundraiser last summer.  He then returned in November after the election to make two stops on his book signing tour for Do the Right Thing.

After recently topping another Republican 2012 poll, Huckabee will return to Iowa on June 10th to be the keynote speaker at the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s annual convention “Taking Care of Business” in Okoboji where he will be speaking on Climate Change—Iowa’s Business Climate and How to Make it Hot.

The Governor’s next stop will be the “Leadership at the Lakes” event in Arnolds Park where he is the keynote and special guest along with potential Iowa Gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats who was Huckabee’s Iowa Campaign Chair and was recently a special guest on his Fox News show discussing the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling and Governor Culver’s illegal institution of same-sex marriage.

It is no secret that Huck PAC will eventually be endorsing Vander Plaats’ campaign; the only question is when.  While Vander Plaats has stated he will not be formerly announcing his bid for governor at this event, it has been tossed around if this is when Huckabee will endorse him.

I will be headed up to the Okoboji area along with many other Team Huck members to help with the event.  Watch for Huck PAC Iowa’s twitter updates that day and get the recap on the facebook group.  This event will be a huge financial boost and media blitz for the Vander Plaats campaign.


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