What is Actually Being Highlighted with Tiller’s Murder?

I have been reading statements from various pro-life and Christian organizations denouncing the actions of Dr. Tiller’s murderer and I agree that the death of Tiller at the hands of another citizen outside of the legal system is inexcusable and needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  However,  Dr. Tiller was a mass murderer and I will grieve for him no more than I would have grieved over the death of Adolph Hitler.  Tiller’s family needs to be prayed for not out of sympathy over the loss their loved one, but for salvation.

By the looks of most statements from my tribe they acknowledge that the pro-life movement suffered a set back because of Tiller’s murder.  One person made a statement that his death is taking over the headlines instead of the death of millions of babies.  I would have to disagree.  When have there been headlines highlighting the murder of innocent babies while still in their mothers’ wombs?  If there was any, I missed them so I don’t believe this incident is taking over the pro-life agenda’s time in the media spotlight.

But is it really Tiller’s murder that is taking over the headlines?  It may be, but I believe that even though the intentions of the media are to drag the pro-life movement through the mud they are also doing the movement a favor.  I have always been pro-life and I have never heard the name Dr. George Tiller until now.  I did not know until his murder happened that there are doctors out there willing to kill a baby who is old enough to be viable outside of the womb.  I did not know until yesterday how these babies are actually destroyed so they cannot be labeled a homicide.  Partial-birth abortion meant nothing to me until I read about it in an article covering Tiller’s murder.  I now know exactly what it is.

How many people out there are like me?  Not realizing what horrors are out there in the field of abortion (and I’m pro-life for crying out loud) and may think it is just a mere scraping of a mass of cells.  While an abortion at that stage is just as wrong, nothing sends the message of wrongness more clearly than aborting a mass of cells that looks like a little doll and has to be killed before leaving the women’s womb because he/she can survive if delivered.  So while trying to link all pro-lifers to the crazy who took Tiller’s life the pro-aborts are also highlighting the murders that their own side allows and advocates.  The peaceful pro-life movement must carry on.


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