Huckabee Set to Endorse Marco Rubio and Will Welcome Kris Allen

It is all over the news.  Governor Huckabee is the first conservative power house set to endorse US Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida against the GOP establishment’s pick, Governor Crist.  Mr. Rubio is a rock solid conservative who Huck PAC will soon be endorsing and throw their full support behind in the primaries.

In addition to his political adventures, Huckabee will have American Idol winner and fellow citizen of Arkansas, Kris Allen, on this Fox News show this weekend.

Huckabee was also making a statement this week on Memorial Day.  Read about his phenomenal speech here.


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  1. Sue on

    Yay Huck! I’m glad you endorsed a real conservative and that you will have the wonderful Kris Allen on your show. I am sick of the Adam fans squawking about their idol losing. Such crybabies. They should have voted more for their favorite — there was a wide margin between the winner and loser. America spoke and the gays don’t like it. Why don’t they ever show good grace when they lose and accept the defeat? Sore losers.

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