Carrie Prejean could teach Rick Warren a thing or two

All the gutless pastors, politicians, and Christian leaders should take note from this beauty queen on how to stand for principle.

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  1. Todd on

    Yikes. Stand for principle? Can’t believe this post is post-raunchy pics. Rick Warren is a pastor who has time and time again said that gay marriage is wrong. Carrie Prejean? Admitted that her half-nude photos were a result of her being duped into thinking they’d get her into Victoria’s Secret. So it was okay when it was going to get her somewhere. Nice principles. I think she made a brave stand, but don’t trash other God-fearing people to lift her up. If she was 300lbs, you would not be talking about her so-called principles in favor of a beloved pastor’s.

    • MRR on

      I agree that Carrie Prejean made a bad decision with the photos but we are all flawed and works in progress, especially at 21 years of age.

      Yes, Pastor Warren has repeatedly said he is against gay marriage but usually in the comforts of his own church. When presented with this issue in the main stream (like Larry King) he backs down and tells millions of people that he sent letters of apology to his gay friends and stated he has never been anti-gay marriage. What a chance he had to make a difference in a culture that has strayed so far from God! He has blown it. I know that he is also flawed like the rest of us but he has also accepted a higher calling of God. His purpose and stance on the issues should be clear and never waivering. Carrie Prejean is only a beauty queen and has never backed down from her original statement in favor of traditional marriage even in the face of extreme opposition (which she never signed-up for).

      I’m not following what her weight matters………..

  2. Todd on

    From the King transcript:
    KING. One other thing in the gay issue, while you said you were not an activist at all . . . did you not encourage your flock to vote yes on Proposition 8?

    WARREN: Oh, yes. You know, I don’t think that the definition of marriage should be changed.

    KING: So you did ask your people who worship with you to vote that way?

    WARREN: Yes. I just never campaigned. . . .

    So Rick Warren holds the same position as Carrie Prejean. I am not liberal at all, but we as Christians had better focus more on making sure that starving babies have food to eat, and that their mothers don’t get raped (Rwanda) before we focus too much of our energy on gays.

    If we: do what Christ commanded time and time again and take care of the poor…

    And: set better examples in our own Christian marriages (divorce rate nearing that of secular marriages), God will handle issues like gay marriage. If Christ wanted that to be our top priority, he would have given that directive.

    Her weight matters because she got a free pass from evangelicals who should have distanced themselves from her when it was clear she defiled the marriage bed by showing things only her future husband should have seen. And as far as I know…no apology. If she has not asked for forgiveness, she’s the same as gays — living in sin.

    • MRR on

      I agree with most of what you said, except that Christ’s most important commandment was to not take care of the poor; it was to go and make believers. While Christians should be concerned with the physical well-being of others, they should first be concerned about people’s spiritual well-being and then acts of kindness should follow. I think Rick Warren is more concerned with improving people’s earthly lives rather than their eternal lives. I believe he has sold out to the social gospel.

  3. Todd on

    Agreed regarding the primary directive. That’s why we need to be so careful about who we vigorously support (Prejean) at the expense of other servants (flawed as they may be). As evidenced by speaking to a prostitute at the well, and feeding thousands, showing kindness is the beginning to getting others to open their hearts to the Lord — imagine if Christians played the central role is stopping Rawandan genocide — I think Warren gets it (unfortunately the JWs and Mormons get it too, and they send thousands of workers to pervert the hearts of the needy). Yes, while I’ve played the antagonist, Rick Warren sometimes seems to play the lines too much. But at least he is taking action too. In that, he could teach Prejean a thing or two. Thanks for highlighting that important point regarding priorities.

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