Will the GOP Become Irrelevant?

I need to be honest about something.  In a recent interview Governor Huckabee stated that if the GOP throws values voters under the bus they will become as irrelevant as the Whigs.  What I am going to be honest about is that I had to google “Whigs.”  Sure, I’ve heard of it before in history classes but nothing stuck in my mind about it.  Is this what future generations will have to do when they hear the term “Republicans?”  I sure hope not.

Huckabee is correct in saying that the values voters/social/Christian conservatives are the heart and soul of the GOP.  I have experienced first hand that it is this voting block where the excitement and dedication exists within the party.  You are a fool if you think that the Republican party could survive without these people.  They are criticized for wanting “purity” in candidates, but all they really want is for candidates to embrace ALL principles that the GOP stands for; including sanctity of life and traditional marriage along with 2nd Amendment rights, limited government, tax reform, reduced spending, and personal responsibility with individual liberty.  Sounds like a winning combo in my book.

Huckabee has also been critical of the “listening tour” that includes top Republicans who are trying to re-brand the party by hosting town hall meetings in an attempt to listen to what America wants.  Too bad they’re a litte too late for listening and too bad their first meeting was held just outside of the Beltway.  Also, the agenda of this tour leaves out the social issues so evidently they don’t care what the base of their party has to say.  Jeb Bush got the tour off to a roaring start by saying that the GOP should move past the Reagan era.  While I agree we should not try to replace a President who presided over a much different time, I disagree that we should move past the success of Reagan in bringing the party to greatness by uniting all factions.

Huckabee also had this to say about the members of the “listening tour.”

I’m frustrated with all these people who are jockeying for the position to be the ‘leader,'” he said. “It’s almost like we’re worried about who’s going to be the drum major and we don’t have a piece of music yet.

Lastly, during his weekend FOX News show Huckabee he drove these points home very effectively in his opening statement along with affirming that social conservatives are also fiscal conservatives.  Amen to that!  Do you really thing we can have limited government and spending if our society is morally crumbling all around us?


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  1. R. George Dunn on

    AS people of all parties really get to know Governor Huckabee, they will see that his We the People platform transcends the politics of what is taking this Nation down and is the very thing everyone is hoping for. Grassroots conservatives are in full bloom right now and will continue to grow as the online communication has taken off and will be the power of truth to come.

    Do not let any government entity shut down the truth being made availble online. It will be very very bad if it is allowed.

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