Huckabee All Over the News

It is great to be a Huckabee supporter when there is so much good news.  First of all, he did what the President of our nation refused to do:  be an example for the National Day of Prayer.  I guess this isn’t a big surprise coming from a President who rejects history and denies that we are a nation based on Judeo-Christian values.

Second, Mike Huckabee tops another poll of 2012 Republican hopefuls and this time it is among moderate Republicans.  So much for a social conservative not being able to unite the party.

Lastly, there is news about Huckabee’s statement in regards to the National Council for a New America.   I haven’t covered this new panel of “experts” because I have already seen it as the failure it is going to be, but in case you haven’t already heard it is a “listening” tour of prominent GOP hopefuls in attempt to re-brand the party.  Huckabee believes it is a sad day when Republicans need to form a listening group to find out what America wants, and I agree.  Why weren’t they listening to us all along?


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