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Gov. Huckabee Endorses Senator Grassley of Iowa

Since I am from the great state of Iowa I need to specifically highlight Governor Huckabee’s latest Huck PAC endorsement.  It has been announced that United States Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa will receive Huckabee’s support.

I am pleased to endorse my good friend, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley for re-election to the United States Senate. Chuck Grassley has earned our support. He is a common sense conservative who works hard to promote our values of low taxes and limited government in Washington. I know that we can count on Chuck Grassley to continue his rigorous government oversight. He is a leader when it comes to shedding light on the federal bureaucracy and bringing transparency to the people’s business.

Senator Grassley is a native Iowan. He has been active in politics since 1959, serving in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1959 until 1974, when he was elected to the United States House of Representatives, where he served three terms. He was first elected to the United States Senate……

Read the rest of the endorsement here.


Huckabee Set to Endorse Marco Rubio and Will Welcome Kris Allen

It is all over the news.  Governor Huckabee is the first conservative power house set to endorse US Senate candidate Marco Rubio of Florida against the GOP establishment’s pick, Governor Crist.  Mr. Rubio is a rock solid conservative who Huck PAC will soon be endorsing and throw their full support behind in the primaries.

In addition to his political adventures, Huckabee will have American Idol winner and fellow citizen of Arkansas, Kris Allen, on this Fox News show this weekend.

Huckabee was also making a statement this week on Memorial Day.  Read about his phenomenal speech here.

Huckabee’s Statement on Supreme Court Nominee

Fears about President Obama’s Supreme Court nominees have rung true with his first pick.  He was looking for someone with “empathy.”  So much for the Constitution that this country was founded on.

Upon President Obama’s nomination of a lefty Supreme Court Judge, Sonia Sotomayor, Governor Huckabee released this statement in response.

The appointment of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court is the clearest indication yet that President Obama’s campaign promises to be a centrist and think in a bi-partisan way were mere rhetoric. Sotomayor comes from the far left and will likely leave us with something akin to the “Extreme Court” that could mark a major shift. The notion that appellate court decisions are to be interpreted by the “feelings” of the judge is a direct affront of the basic premise of our judicial system that is supposed to apply the law without personal emotion. If she is confirmed, then we need to take the blindfold off Lady Justice.

Huckabee Testifies at Senate Health Care Reform Hearing

Yesterday Governor Huckabee testified at the Senate Hearing titled “Prevention Through Healthy Behavior – The Key to Health Care Reform.”  Huckabee has always been a strong advocate for turning the broken health care system towards the focus of preventative care.

Team Huck: More Than a Revolution

Be a part of the revolution with solutions today and keep up with Team Huck news by joining Governor Mike Huckabee on facebook and twitter.

Fancy Nancy, Get the Heck Out of Here!

The poem that Governor Huckabee composed and then recited this past weekend on his Fox News show was priceless.

Here’s a story about a lady named Nancy
A ruthless politician, but dressed very fancy
Very ambitious, she got herself elected Speaker
But as for keeping secrets, she proved quite a “leaker.”

She flies on government planes coast to coast
And doesn’t mind that our economy is toast
She makes the Air Force squire her in their military jets
There’s room for her family, her staff, and even her pets.

Until now, she annoyed us, but her gaffes were mostly funny;
Even though it was painful to watch her waste our tax money.
But now her wacky comments are no laughing matter;
She’s either unwilling to tell the truth, or she’s mad as a hatter!

She sat in briefings and knew about enhanced interrogation;
But claims she wasn’t there, and can’t give an explanation.
She disparages the CIA and says they are a bunch of liars;
Even the press aren’t buying it and they’re stoking their fires.

I think Speaker Pelosi has done too much speaking;
And instead of her trashing our intelligence officials, it’s her nose that needs tweaking.

If forced to believe whether the CIA and her colleagues in Congress are lying;
Or it’s Speaker Pelosi whose credibility and career is dying.
I believe in the integrity of the men and women who sacrifice to keep us safe;
Not the woman who has been caught flat-footed, lying to our face.

I say it here and I say it rather clear-
It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to resign and get out of here.

Also, Huckabee released a statement on the new Gallup poll that demonstrates a huge swing towards a more pro-life America.  His advice to the GOP to remain committed to the sanctity of life is one of the best pieces of advice I have heard on how the party should proceed.

Huckabee and Pro-Life Come Out On Top in New Polls

Once again Mike Huckabee is the top choice among Republicans for the 2012 nominee spot in the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll.  Not only does he come in first with Republicans, but he is pulling in the majority of support from Independents as well (a very critical category).  What will his critics who say that he only appeals to the south and evangelicals have to say about these results?  Probably not too much since they will be too busy eating crow.

Another promising poll comes from Gallup which demonstrates that this is the first time since 1995 America is more pro-life than pro-abort.  It looks like our country is moving to the right on this issue, so if the GOP wants to keep losing than they should put the social issues in the background and move to the center.  Good plan.

Carrie Prejean could teach Rick Warren a thing or two

All the gutless pastors, politicians, and Christian leaders should take note from this beauty queen on how to stand for principle.

Will the GOP Become Irrelevant?

I need to be honest about something.  In a recent interview Governor Huckabee stated that if the GOP throws values voters under the bus they will become as irrelevant as the Whigs.  What I am going to be honest about is that I had to google “Whigs.”  Sure, I’ve heard of it before in history classes but nothing stuck in my mind about it.  Is this what future generations will have to do when they hear the term “Republicans?”  I sure hope not.

Huckabee is correct in saying that the values voters/social/Christian conservatives are the heart and soul of the GOP.  I have experienced first hand that it is this voting block where the excitement and dedication exists within the party.  You are a fool if you think that the Republican party could survive without these people.  They are criticized for wanting “purity” in candidates, but all they really want is for candidates to embrace ALL principles that the GOP stands for; including sanctity of life and traditional marriage along with 2nd Amendment rights, limited government, tax reform, reduced spending, and personal responsibility with individual liberty.  Sounds like a winning combo in my book.

Huckabee has also been critical of the “listening tour” that includes top Republicans who are trying to re-brand the party by hosting town hall meetings in an attempt to listen to what America wants.  Too bad they’re a litte too late for listening and too bad their first meeting was held just outside of the Beltway.  Also, the agenda of this tour leaves out the social issues so evidently they don’t care what the base of their party has to say.  Jeb Bush got the tour off to a roaring start by saying that the GOP should move past the Reagan era.  While I agree we should not try to replace a President who presided over a much different time, I disagree that we should move past the success of Reagan in bringing the party to greatness by uniting all factions.

Huckabee also had this to say about the members of the “listening tour.”

I’m frustrated with all these people who are jockeying for the position to be the ‘leader,'” he said. “It’s almost like we’re worried about who’s going to be the drum major and we don’t have a piece of music yet.

Lastly, during his weekend FOX News show Huckabee he drove these points home very effectively in his opening statement along with affirming that social conservatives are also fiscal conservatives.  Amen to that!  Do you really thing we can have limited government and spending if our society is morally crumbling all around us?

Huckabee All Over the News

It is great to be a Huckabee supporter when there is so much good news.  First of all, he did what the President of our nation refused to do:  be an example for the National Day of Prayer.  I guess this isn’t a big surprise coming from a President who rejects history and denies that we are a nation based on Judeo-Christian values.

Second, Mike Huckabee tops another poll of 2012 Republican hopefuls and this time it is among moderate Republicans.  So much for a social conservative not being able to unite the party.

Lastly, there is news about Huckabee’s statement in regards to the National Council for a New America.   I haven’t covered this new panel of “experts” because I have already seen it as the failure it is going to be, but in case you haven’t already heard it is a “listening” tour of prominent GOP hopefuls in attempt to re-brand the party.  Huckabee believes it is a sad day when Republicans need to form a listening group to find out what America wants, and I agree.  Why weren’t they listening to us all along?