Huckabee Takes Dick Armey to the Woodshed

Never mind the hypocrisy of former House Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas.  In the 2008 Republican primaries he pilloried Mike Huckabee for standing up for main street against Wall Street but now he and his conservative group, FreedomWorks, were responsible for organizing the tea parties that protested big government and Wall Street bailouts.

Governor Huckabee did not mince any words during an email exchange about the tea parties when Armey’s name was brought up.  Game, set, match.

“As for Armey,” Huckabee writes when I ask him to weigh in, “he and about 75% of the so-called ‘conservatives’ owe me a big apology. They misrepresented my record, took my statements totally out of context, and accused me of economic liberalism, which is utter nonsense. My campaign upset their orderly apple cart, because it really was run by grass-roots conservatives and small business owners and not those who as it turned out were wholly owned subsidiaries of recklessly run corporations and lobbyists.”

Huckabee says Armey and his cohorts “never listened to what I was saying, but just spoke out to protect their pals who were funding their faces-there’s a word for people who get to paid to show love, but polite people don’t use it openly. I’ve found it amazing to watch the huffy puffy types who skinned me alive during the campaign jump out and support TARP, and then change their tune when Obama and the Dems proposed stimulus. Let the record note, that I opposed TARP—I called it the Congressional Relief Action Program from the beginning. I could say more, but have to go catch a plane!”


2 comments so far

  1. Ralph on

    Way to go, Mike!! Count me in with you and the Main Street crowd!

  2. LarryJackson on

    Huckabee nailed this one. Good for him for pointing this out.

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