Huckabee’s Show: Rick Warren and Kathy Ireland

Once again Governor Huckabee’s FOX News show was the most watched cable television show this past weekend.  I was disappointed when it was announced that Pastor Rick Warren had to cancel his appearance on Huckabee, because I really wanted him to explain his disturbing comments on Larry King about not being anti-gay marriage but yet he encouraged his congregation at Saddleback Church to support Prop 8.  Flip-flop?

I didn’t know what to expect from Huckabee’s other guest, Kathy Ireland.  I was questioning why he was having a super model on his show, but when she was finished speaking I totally understood.  Ireland was once pro-choice, but because of her research into science she has become a strong pro-life advocate.  Her arguments against abortion are compelling and well thought out using the FACTS.

Once again Mike Huckabee had some great closing thoughts.  Don’t worry,  Sunday’s coming.


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  1. Linda Tyler on

    Is it possible to get a transcript of Mike Huckabee’s interview with Kathy Ireland? My husband and I really appreciated her stand for life. Her responses to Mr. Huckabee’s questions were very articulate and profound.

    Thank you,
    Linda Tyler

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