Gay Marriage and Federal Deductibility: The Perfect Storm in Iowa

I could wallow in my disappointment of the ruling legalizing same-sex marriage that was handed down today in Vamum v. Brien by the Iowa Supreme Court, but I will choose not to do so.  I could trash the members of the Iowa Senate who failed to get the Marriage Amendment on the ballot in 2006 even though Republicans had the majority, but I won’t.  I can even start pointing the finger of blame at those of you who call yourself conservatives and vote for every limp-wristed Republican that the party throws your way, but I’m not going to because I am guilty of doing the same in the past.

At the risk of being labeled a “homophobe” by the tolerant left, I want to start out by stating why I am a strong advocate of traditional marriage.  First of all, it is an institution from God declaring that it is between one man and one woman and from the beginning of time our society has been built on this institution.  It is proven that Moms and Dads raise kids the best and, frankly, peg A does not fit into slot B.

I believe that opening the door to same sex marriage will result in an attack on freedom of religion.  What will happen when a pastor refuses to marry a gay couple or a Catholic school does not hire a gay applicant because he/she does not line up with their Biblical views?  The traditional definition of marriage is not discriminatory because it is not denying anyone the right to marry as long as they follow the rule of  “one man and one woman.”  Ask the people in an incestuous or polygamous relationship about that.

Republicans and so-called “conservatives” should be rallying and doing everything they can to go up against this unconstitutional court ruling overturning the will of the people in Iowa’s 1998 Defense of Marriage Act and stepping all over the separation of power, because not only is that the right thing to do it is also the smart thing to do.  This past week Democrats and activist judges and have done something that the GOP could have never had done it their own; unite the party.

By threatening to eliminate Iowa’s federal deductibility and having the government decide who is rich and who is poor in order to spread the wealth around, the Democrats have stired up those who demand fiscal responsibility.  Now the activist judges have awoken a sleeping giant by lighting a fire under those who cherish the moral issues by giving the thumbs up to gay marriage in the state.  It seems that the opposition has managed to piss off both the check writers and the door knockers in the Republican Party in just one week.

The question now is how are Republicans going to handle their constituents’ new found enthusiasm?  The public’s reaction to eliminating federal deductibility and the gay marriage ruling shows that it is about the issues and advancing an agenda and not about Republican’s trying to be like the other side just to gain a few votes, because by doing that they are losing ten times more votes than they are gaining.  2010 is not that far away and conservatives are in the midst of a perfect storm for regaining power in Iowa.  I hope they learn from past mistakes because I vow to never again vote for a limp-wristed Republican.

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  1. a. mcewen on

    What will happen if a pastor refuses to marry a gay couple? Nothing. A pastor is not compelled to marry anyone he or she doesn’t want to marry. It was nice of you to whine about being called intolerant, but when you throw out bad points like that (with no basis in reality), you really can’t expect to be called anything but intolerant.

    Okay, maybe ignorant also.l

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