Mike Huckabee and a 2012 Prediction

I wrote an earlier post about a Kevin McCullough piece on Townhall in which he declares Huckabee the Republican front runner for 2012.  It seems that after spending a day and a half with Mike Huckabee recently, his affirmations of Huckabee being the standard bearer for the Republican party in 2012 seem to be set in stone and McCullough claims that he may even become our 45th President of the United States.  All of this comes from a man who was the first to predict Barack Obama’s presidency all the way back in December of 2006.

There is not one thing I disagree with in in this article.

A word about President Huckabee… Integrity trumps everything!

There are a handful of times in life where you get to experience something that has the feeling of brushing the presence of greatness. In my life at various times that has been something I didn’t always realize up front. But having returned from a day and a half and a sum total of nine events over that period of time with one person in particular I have to tell you… I think I did this weekend.

In December of 2006 I wrote a column in which I was the first pundit in America to predict that Barack Obama would be president in 2009. I predicated that theory on a number of variables……

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  1. LarryJackson on

    I hope he is right with this prediction, but reading some of the comments that have been made on that article makes me wonder if Mike Huckabee will ever be able to overcome the misrepresentations of his record. They are already bringing up some of the same lies that were told on him during the 2008 campaign.

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