Huckabee: Saving Towns, Conservatism, and Paul Harvey’s Time Slots

Mike Huckabee completed his first stop on his “Save This Town” tour in which he visits five different cities hit hard by the economic downturn.  On Saturday he was in Elkhart, Indiana, taping his FOX News show Huckabee talking with the citizens on how they are trying to save their town.

Elkhart has the highest jobless rate at 19% and it is where President Obama first announced his Stimulus Package.  It is known as the RV capital of the world and Huckabee taped his show at the RV Hall of Fame, which had to be moved outside due to overwhelming response.

Not only is Indiana important because of its economic crises, but it is also significant on the electoral map.  Indiana, usually a red state, turned blue for Obama this past election cycle.  Huckabee gave the people of Elkhart  some conservative solutions for the failing economy, which were met with enthusiastic cheers.  The first one was to abolish the IRS and enact the Fair Tax and the second one was……

Instead of printing more money and creating hyper-inflation do something simple: Suspend the payroll tax of every business and self-employed person in the country for three months. That’s cash in the hands of the people who can best turn the economy around; the people who provide jobs and really stimulate the economy. Freeze the staffing and salaries of Congress and federal agencies to feel what American businesses are feeling.

Not only has Huckabee been dealing out his ideas for stimulating the economy but he has also been voicing his advice for saving conservatism.  He recently wrote his debut article for The Washington Times’ series “Reinventing Conservatism” where he calls for Republicans to practice what they preach and return to conservative principles.

Lastly, Huckabee’s audience for his ideas and solutions has just gotten a whole lot bigger.  ABC Radio’s The Huckabee Report, which is a five minute commentary three times a day, will now be carried by the stations that aired Paul Harvey.

When is the next book coming out?

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