Finally, Someone Gets It!

Today my post will be short and sweet because I want the article I am featuring to speak for itself.  It represents what I and many others have realized for a very long time.  The article also explains one of the reasons why I have called this blog My Ronald Reagan.

Huckabee Throws Down the Gauntlet

In today’s Washington Times Gov. Mike Huckabee throws down the gauntlet. Conservative principles didn’t lose the last two elections for Republicans… it was the lack of adherence to them……

I’ve said this before, to many people’s chagrin.

Mike Huckabee is now the front runner for the nomination for conservative voters in 2012. He has done the little things to position himself there. His platform at Fox gives him access to Americans every week. And a wide array of people at that. Last week his featured interview was with……

Read the rest of the article here.


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