The Week That Was for Conservatives (I’m glad it’s over)

And what a week it was.  Not only has President Obama promised my tax dollars to abortion seekers outside of the U.S., but now he will be using my money to fund embryonic stem cell research.  (He said that he wants “science” to lead his administration and not “ideology,” and if that’s the case he needs to take a refresher course because science says that a human life is formed at conception.)  However, I’m not sure what I am most upset about; the fact that Obama is following through with his promise to support embryonic stem cell research or the fact that had our Republican nominee won the presidency he would have done the exact same thing.

Let’s see, what else happened last week.  A conservative did not win the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll for the third year in a row.  (It seems our party wants to continue its losing streak.) 

Also, it looks like two prominent faces in the pro-life movement fell off the wagon for a moment.  Senator Sam Brownback decided to support a fellow Kansan, Kathleen Sebelius, as Obama’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary.  Who cares about her ties to a radical abortionist; he can work with her on issues that are “important to the state”  and maybe elected governor. 

Governor Sarah Palin, when faced with two bad choices for the Alaska Supreme Court, decided to go against the Alaska Family Council and nominate the candidate who had Planned Parenthood on her resume.   And instead of using her clout to attempt to fight the system she chose to make the statement, “I have every confidence that Judge Christen has the experience, intellect, wisdom and character to be an outstanding Supreme Court justice.”  So much for being the reformer. 

In addition, how much longer do I have to watch the hypocrisy from those on our side who are adamantly against the current spending packages but voted to pass the bailout in the fall?

Last but not least, and sadly enough, the biggest news to come from the conservative movement in the past week is the tiff between the newly elected chairman of the GOP, Michael Steele, and the other head of the party who sits behind a microphone three hours a day secretly loving the fact that a liberal is in the White House so he can pad his wallet and stroke his ego.

With many more weeks like these we won’t have a strong 2010.  It’s time to get it together.

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